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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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"The God Murders"

Daniel Barrios
"The Controversy I Know About God Is Contained Within The Bible."
This work began in 2009, as a study to determine if the Biblical God’s documented Bible C&V history could be responsible for why mankind treats mankind so badly. After discovering incriminating C&V facts, the study turned into an investigation.Consequently, the investigation produced enough C&V evidence to make a strong prosecution proving the Biblical God (fictional or not) to be the greatest villain influence of mankind. The controversial C&Vs jumped off the pages of the Bible for me. I highlighted them and documented them in my conputer(s).. As long as one Bible exists, this documented C&V evidence will not go away.However, consider the researched information to be your own and use it as you wish. Censorship is not accepted by free Humanity.
I initially began this intense Bible study for myself - by myself in 2009. I then realized that whatever I do in my life - only for myself - dies with me. So, I created "Venezuelan atheist society" website to share the now hours of study and debate with others so that thestudy and debate may live on beyond my life-cycle.
Concerning The God Murders trial - the Biblical God’s crimes and deeds against mankind - do you hold any reasonable doubt as to God's guilt? If so, does your doubt concern God’s documented C&V crimes or is it your programmed fear for your own eternal life? Will your fear cloud your judgment? In this case, you are your own judge and jury.Courage now: How do you find?

How Do You Find?
How many people view the Biblical God to be just, fair and good? Be honest and be careful now. Where is your evidence that God is just, fair and good? Outside of the myth of creation, list what good things that the Old Testament God did for someone - without hurting another. Does your list turn out to be short and weak? Do you find yourself nottaking the challenge? Outside of the myth of creation, can you make a "Biblical God Did Good" list of any merit? 
I'll help start a list for you. The Biblical God allowed old women to have children that God had previously made barren. The Biblical God gave Solomon wisdom. Solomon used God's wisdom to have 700 wives and 300 concubines. Solomon then used God's wisdomto worship other gods before Solomondied.
Because Solomon abandoned the Biblical God before his death, I personally view that Solomon's wisdom proved effective.
Can you think of any more? With all the "God-Hype", you should be willing and able to produce a high quality list of God's "good" deeds.
But, if you are honest, you cannot. What does that say about the Biblical God? Are you sure that the Biblical God is really thepersonal God in your heart or are you just afraid to claim that "It" is not?
Ego and God are synonomyous. If you described your personal god in depth and to the finest detail, your god would probably look very much like you.
Reflect: Is the Biblical God (fictional or not) your God-model? If so, why do you require an insane, evil and murderous model? If you feel you need the Biblical God, ask yourselfwhy? Are you an evil person who needs an excuse to hurt others or are you a good person who lives in fear of the promise of "Eternal Torment" and denies it? How could anyone believe in this God and not be afraid of "It"? How could "Eternal Torment" be a just punishment for any crime? How could a good God send you into "Eternal Torment" any more than you would send your pet to suffer for eternityafter it died.
Is the personal god in your heart the same as the God of the Bible? If not, keep the god in your heart for you have probably invented a much better god than the insane, murderous God depicted C&V in the Bible. Just don’t be a hypocrite and insist that they are the same. If you do insist that they are the same, you are probably a very dangerous Human Animal towards other Human...
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