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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2012
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A home according to the dictionary is a house, that is the usual residence of a person, but to me it means a place where you feel safe, the people you live with are your family, you can be yourselfwith nobody judging, and exactly that is what ATS means to me. The school has been, though the years, the place I have lived the most incredible experiences, meet unforgettable persons and friends, andlearned life lessons that will remain with me forever. Some memories about my school year’s activities are blurry but the feelings and reactions we all had are things I will never forget. To get tobe who I am today I had to pass a few stages before, where a new part of me was discovered and created.
This whole life journey stated in early childhood, when we were approximately 4 years and juststarting to get to know the people who will eventually become your brothers or sisters. That time when we all dreamt to be rock stars, or a police man, and we were never worried about anything, justabout the short amount of recess time. That days were we dreamt about being teenagers, having homework and more classes. When you mom came at 6:00 to wake you up, a feeling of excitement, seeing allyour friends and spending a day in the playground. When we all were afraid of Ms. Guera and the office was the scariest room in campus. That time of our lives when one day someone was your best friendbut the next, it was a new one.
We grew and continued our path through elementary, the section when we were in process of maturation and school started to become boring. Were we fought for anyinsignificant thing with our friends and reunite in a matter of seconds. We started to feel like adults having our first whole day field trip to “El Tajin”, “El Cielo” etc, also having different classesand of course our own lockers. This time was when holiday celebration started, Valentine’s Day chocolates, Easter egg hunt, etc. Also I remember you doing your best to achieve honors night and go...
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