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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Introducción a los textos literarios en lengua inglesa
17 Diciembre 2010

1.Bozorth,Richar H. “But who would get it?Auden and the codes of poetry and desire.”John
Hopkins Uni.Press(Fall1995):709-727.Jstor.
26 Oct.2010.
As the title suggest, inside the poetry of Auden , and other writers, existsthe fact that ,this poetry, was been used to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, which could not be express freely, but got the secret meaning of the verses or the stories inthat literature.
The main idea that we can find in this article is the existance of a gay hidden literatura. Due to the moral of the society in those times, the writtersshould use double sense comments, only understandable by others with the same sexual condition, which used to do the same thing.
Trying to escape from the censure suffered about theirthoughs, they have to create their own language, that allow them to express themselves and not to be critiziced by others, so they used to use for example metaphors.
The author ofthe article try to present the reasons which moves Auden and his close friends, to do what they used to do, putting forward situations of their normal life or giving examples of poems orextract of books. There are lots of examples of double sense poems in the history of literature, and this case is not an exception, one of them it could be: “The Mortmere Stories” thatis not an Auden's book, but it was writen by two of his friends.
He and his group tried to fight against the censorship, we can not forget that at the beginning of the XX century,the homosexuality wasn't accepted in the society, so there were codes, rules and laws about it and against it; maybe it was well known who was gay or not, but nobody was talking...