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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Vocals – Theon mcinsane
Guitars - Sammy Black
Guitars - Vivian Sin’ Amor
Keyboards - Christian
Bass - Jason
Drums - Julian Drain
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To Be Announced

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Taiga Vittu Carpathia
Alejandro Reynoso[pic]
Darina Sjunnesson Ďurošková


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Pretend or Surrender
30 de abril de 2008
11 Canciones
Divine Insanity
01 de marzo de 2006
12 Canciones
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Lovex y otros




Lovex Mixingis now about in a halfway and everything sounds already awesome but still there is some little things to do to get that pure diamond out of this all...but we will get there=)Miss ya!!!-V-

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• A Alicia Rojas, Bianca Nepola, Johanna Karkaus y otras 89 personas más les gusta esto.

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Lovex Mixing Day2. First night of mixing done! Sounds awesome! Today... More mixing to do! -C

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El Viernes a las 2:10 · Comentar · Me gusta

• A Sande Räisänen, Leidy Ylonen McInsane, Laura Eichler y otras 98 personas más les gusta esto.

o [pic]
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Lovex Mixing Day 1!!!

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El 16 de septiembre a las 11:48 · Comentar · Me gusta

• A Leidy Ylonen McInsane, Marina Nikulina, Sanna Tolvanen y otras 124 personas más les gusta esto.

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Lovex Last 3 days me and Christian have done some "last moment guitar recordings" and now all the songs rocks like a maniacs. Mixing startstomorrow!!!! -V-

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El 15 de septiembre a las 7:22 · Comentar · Me gusta

• A Marina Nikulina, Melix Mäkinen Sacirovic, Mark Shirata y otras 112 personas más les gusta esto.

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Lovex Follow us on Twitter now! We will post something in Twitter too, maybe the same things that in here and maybesomething completely different! Check it out! http://twitter.com/LovexOfficial

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• A Marina Nikulina, Jenna Lindfors, Charlène Perez y otras 74 personas más les gusta esto.

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Lovex There was a small typo in the last update... The album is readyfor MIXING not MASTERING. Always read twice what you are about to publish. ;) can you guys forgive us for the typo?

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• A Jenna Lindfors, Sonni Rasmus, Lyu Candyfreak y otras 92 personas más les gusta esto.

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o [pic]Elisabet Garcia hi!!! Happy Birthday Vivian!! I wish u have a nice day and a wonderfull life!!! you rock man!! hahaha a lot of hugs and kisses from Mexico
El 08 de septiembre a las 17:03 · [pic]
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Lovex The upcoming album is ready for mastering. Hopefully we will get a single out before x-mas. ;)

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El 04 de septiembre a las 12:15 através de Facebook para iPhone · Comentar · Me gusta

• A Mark Shirata, Amber Cappelletti, Kaylee Galea y otras 168 personas más les gusta esto.

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Lovex Nice to see so many fans of ours who are waiting for the upcoming album! For those who are asking about the release date and tours: you will be the first to know...
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