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The movie Babel by Alejandro Gonazales is based on the relation between 4 different stories with people who do not know each other in any way. The stories are intertwined by the simplest of details that makes them all related.
We are shown a poor family of Moroccans who are sold a gun to be able to herd their sheep properly. The father trusts this gun in the hands of his twoyounger sons. One day while herding the sheep after the youngest son hides to masturbate himself, they start aiming and pointlessly shooting. They want to prove that they could aim, the small boy shoots a bus coming in the distance, first thinks he missed only to see few moments after that the bus was stopping this makes them realize that they had actually shot something. They hid the gun and ranaway. A few hours later when their dad get back home tells them that some terrorist had shot and killed an American woman.
The police went looking for the couplets and after a series of investigations got to the bottom of it and thought that the father had shot the woman. The children and father try to escape but after a gunfire confrontation with the police the older son is killed and theyounger son turns himself in.
A couple of Americans travel to North Africa looking forward to have a break and to spend some time away from home just the two of them, they had been having marriage problems and they wanted to fix things they left their two children back home.
While they are in the bus filled with American speakers the woman is staring out of the window, while doing so she is suddenlyshot, trying to help the husband puts pressure on her wound while they try to take her to the closest town which is 15 minutes away. They arrive to the town and it results that the doctor is actually a veterinarian, who didn’t helped much she keeps on bleeding heavily.
The husband desperately try’s to do everything to get a doctor for his wife he even calls the American embassy but they cannotdo much besides call a helicopter which does not arrive until many hours after. The bus has left them stranded in that deserted town.
Meanwhile this is happening the children of this American couple are left behind with their Mexican nanny. This woman wants to attend her sons weeding after the accident the couple couldn’t arrive on time so that she could go so she has to take care of those twochildren, so she decides to take them with her. She crosses the boarder aright but when coming back, her drunken nephew makes the officer angry and causes them to chase after them. The nephew leaves his aunt and the two children stranded in the middle of the night in the boarder dessert. The next day while she is looking for help she gets arrested and after searching for the children for a long timethey are found and she is denied her re-access to the united states and luckily the parents do not press charges against her.
On the other side of the world we are shown the story of a Japanese girl who is deaf and her father who is brought into the story because he is the man who sold the gun to the Moroccan, who then passed it on to sheep breeder.
The story of this girl involves her takingdrugs and having problems with accepting the fact that she is deaf because of guys. Her mother killed herself so policemen are always asking her family questions about it. One night a policeman came to ask her father questions about the gun and she stripped naked and tried to seduce him, while this didn’t work her father arrived home to see her standing on the balcony completely naked and embracedher in his arms.
The ending of these four stories are very different and it shows that not in every case there is a happy ending. This movie is called Babel because in the bible Jesus talks about the tower of Babel which was a tower that his people were building. He realized that his people were fighting so much even though they spoke the same language, so he decided to make each of them speak a...
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