Baby shower

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Baby Shower General Information | |Showering the Mom and sometimes the Dad with friendship and love is the purpose of a baby shower. 
Many people are electing to hold the shower after the birth of the baby.  This way the appropriate clothing can be given. It also gives Mom an easy way for many people to see the baby at one time. (This eliminates a constant stream of visitors right after the babyis born, when both Mother and baby need their rest.)
Baby Shower Guide

1. Who will plan
anyone can host a baby shower for the new "parents to be". If it is a surprise shower, then the family can help out with the guest list and gift items.
2. Budget
To determine how much the shower will cost, you will need to know the number of guests, the location of the shower, the menu,what type of party favors, and how many game prizes you will need.
3. Guest List
Organize your guest list by asking the parents-to-be who they would like to have at the shower. Get address, phone numbers, and email addresses. Decide if it will be a "girl's only" shower or "couples".
4. Theme
Baby showers are fun! Whatever theme you choose, remember this will be the baby's first party. Havefun!
5. Selecting the menu
although your menu should reflect your theme, the time of day is as important - as well as the number of guests. Consider the amount of time and room available for the shower, as well as any special dietary needs of the Mother-to-be and her guests.
6. Location
choose a location that is easy to get to and will accommodate the needs of the party. Generally, baby showersare held at the home of the host.
7. Select the date
The baby shower is normally around six weeks before the due date of the baby's birth. However, some mothers are electing to have the party after the baby is born. Try to make the time and day convenient for everyone including any out-of-town guests.
8. Selecting the time
If most of the guests attending the shower work, then an evening orweekend shower will work best. If you choose a weekend date, plan your shower early enough in the day for all who must travel to attend.
9. Invitations
Invitations can range from the casual (a phone call) to the most formal (printed invitations). Be sure to include all necessary contact information.
10. Entertainment
As guests arrive, introduce them to one another. A way to break the ice is toprovide name tags with a small note, such as, "I attended grammar school with Susie". This is a sure way to start conversations. Set the mood with lighted candles, flowers, and decorations. You want your guests to enjoy the day (or evening) as much as the guest of honor.
Baby Shower Tips
• Choose the kind of party you can do best. Accept your time, budget, and equipment limitations.
•Coordinate your invitations, decorations, party favors, and food.
• Plan games and activities that your guests will enjoy.
• Check your supplies way ahead of time.
• Select unique party favors.
• Choose a menu with which you are familiar.
• Always overestimate the amount of food you will need.
• Buy camera film. Have someone else at the party be in charge of takingpictures.
• Clean and cook ahead of time.
• Plan seating that will encourage lively conversation.
• Pay attention to your guests.
• Do not wait until the last minute!
Baby Shower Scheduling Organization
Six weeks before the baby shower
• Set time and date with Mother-to-be
• If it is a surprise shower, contact the couple's friends or parents to help with guest list
•Make or purchase invitations
• Reserve a caterer if you are using one
• Start thinking about decorations

Four weeks before the party
• Plan menu and start planning who will bring what (if this is a group effort)
• Decide on what games you will play and gather necessary props
• Decide on game prizes you will award and start shopping for them
• Choose your gift,...
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