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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Bachata is a dance rhythm originating in the Dominican Republic, full of folklore. It is considered a hybrid of the bolero (especially the bolero rhythm) with other musicalinfluences of African and other styles such as son, merengue, cha-cha-cha and tango. Emerged from the 80, with the expansion of mass media, with the rise of tourism, and theeffort of some composers who saw had begun a new genre.
You may think that at this first stage, Bachata was a marginal music. Just heard on the so-called cabarets or brothels.However, it was part of a cultural machinery was supported by a local record company also had a national radio station: The Guarachita. To this period belong singers like JoséManuel Calderón, Rafael Encarnacion and Luis Segura. Bachata was born May 30, 1962 in the voice of José Manuel Calderón with the songs "Borracho de amor " and "Condena"(which is me) Fabian Bienvenido latter, accompanied by the trio "Los Juveniles" in studies Radio Television Dominicana.

A second stage seems to be referring to the appearance ofa second generation of singers who were promoted by the producer. It was thus raised voices like those of Luis Segura, Mélida Rodriguez ("La Segura"), and Leonardo PaniaguaIn the third stage Bachata is internationalized, and charges an unprecedented boom. Completely disappears and Guarachita station. The figure of the entrepreneur and promoterof international art and artists of bachata become the idols of crowds.

During the first two stages of bachata, the instruments used bachateros groups were essentially twoacoustic guitars, bass, bongos, the key güira and maracas. From the third stage of introducing new instruments such as electric guitar and the recordings are digitized.
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