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Danilo - Hi!
Jimmy – Hi!
Danilo – How are you?
Jimmy –I’m Fine, thanks. And you?
Danilo – Excellent!

Daniel (llegamos con mi hermana) -> Daniel – Hi! Danilo! Hi! Jimmy
Danilo and Jimmy-> Daniel – Hi Daniel!
Daniel -> Jimmy and Danilo - This is Estefani.
Estefani’s my sister.
Jimmy and Danilo-> Estefani – Hi, Estefani.
Estefani -> Jimmy – Hi, Jimmy. Nice to meetyou.
Jimmy -> Estefani – Nice to meet you, too.
Estefani -> Danilo – Hi, Danilo. Nice to meet you.
Danilo -> Estefani – Nice to meet you, too.

Daniel --> Estefan, Jimmy and Danilo –Excuse me. What time is math class?
Jimmy – 9:00 am.
Daniel – Uh-oh. Am I late?
Estefani – No, you’re not, it’s nine to eleven.
Daniel – Nine to eleven?
Danilo – That’s right. Don’t worry.You’re on time. Do not worry, because I also I go to math class.
Daniel -> Jimmy and Estefani – ok Danilo, come! Bye Estefani and Jimmy!
Danilo-> Jimmy and Estefani – bye!
Jimmy andEstefani – Bye Daniel! Bye Danilo!

Jimmy – how are you?
Estefani – I’m fine. And you?
Jimmy – Excellent. What do you do?
Estefani – I’m an architect. And you?
Jimmy – I’m an engineer. How old areyou?
Estefani –I’m 17 year old. And you?
Jimmy – I`m 19 years old. When’s your birthday?
Estefani –On May 6th. When’s yours?
Jimmy - My birthday’s in March. March 19th. And do you live nearby?Estefani – Yes. I have an apartment near the Calusac. What about you?
Jimmy – I have and house on Petapa Avenue.
Estefani – woo… What's it like?
Jimmy – Well, there are four bedrooms and two largekitchens.
Estefani – Sounds nice!
Estefani – Ok, see you later.
Jimmy: bye Estefani!

Daniel – How are you?
Danilo – fine, thanks. And you?
Daniel – I’m fine.
Danilo – I like that shirt.Daniel – Thank you.
Danilo – You’re welcome.
Daniel – Do you like this sweeter?
Danilo – Yes, I do.
There’s a play soccer on Sunday – stadium Mateo Flores. Would you like to go?
Daniel –...
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