Bandas transportadoras

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Aging: To undergo changes in physical properties with age or lapse of time. Air bomb aging: A means of accelerating changes in the physical properties of material by exposing them to the action of air at elevated temperature and pressure. Air checks: The surface markings or depressions which occur due to air trapped between the material and the mold or press surface. Air curing: Thevulcanization of a rubber product in air as distinguished from vulcanizing in a press or steam vulcanizer. Air oven aging: A means of accelerating a change in the physical properties of rubber compounds by exposing them to the action of air at an elevated temperature at atmospheric pressure. Air trap: See air checks. Ambient temperature: temperature surrounding consideration. The environment the objectunder

Abraded: Worn away by friction. Abrasion: Wearing away by friction. Abrasion test: Determination of the rate of wearing away by friction. Abrasion tester: A machine for determining relative abrasion resistance. Accelerated aging: Intensive exposure to operating conditions to obtain an early change in physical properties of an elastomer. Accelerated life test: A method designed toapproximate in a short time the deteriorating effects obtained under normal service conditions. Across the line starting tension: Tension developed in a belt when full electrical power is applied to the drive system. Adhesion: Basically, the adhering, clinging, bonding or sticking of two material surfaces to one another, such as rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to wood, rubber to fabric. Adhesionfailure: The separation of two adjoining surfaces due to service conditions. Adhesive: A material which, when applied, will cause two surfaces in contact with each other to stick together. Adhesive coating: A coating applied to a surface to increase its bond to an adjoining surface. Adhesive fabric: A fabric with a surface treatment which will bond two surfaces together when interposed betweenthem. Aftercure: A continuation of the process of vulcanization after the cure has been carried to the desired degree and the source of heat removed. Afterglow: In fire resistance testing, the red glow persisting after extinction of the flame.

Angle of repose: The angle to the horizontal which a material will naturally assume when dropped in a pile. Angle of slide: The angle at which materialbegins to slide down an inclined surface. ANSI: American National Standards Institute Anti-backdrop: See backstop. Anti-static: See static conductive. Antioxidant: A compounding ingredient used to retard deterioration caused by oxygen. Antiozonant: A compounding ingredient used to retard deterioration caused by ozone. Antislip surface: A specially treated surface to obtain greater than normal traction.Apron feed: An intermediate feed system.


Arc of contact: (1) The portion of a curved surface which is engaged. (2) In belts, it refers to the portion of a pulley which is engaged by the belt and is usually expressed in degrees. Armored belt: A conveyor belt with crosswise insertions in the cover such as steel cables to minimize gouging or tearing of the cover by sharp objects. Army duck:See duck. Artificial weathering: Exposure to cyclic laboratory conditions involving changes in temperature, relative humidity, and radiant energy, with or without direct water spray, attempting to produce changes in the material similar to that observed after long-term continuous outdoor exposure. ASME: American Engineers. Society of Mechanical

Banbury mixer: A specific type of internal mixerused to incorporate filler and other ingredients in rubber or plastic operations. Bare back: The textile face of an article which is free of any treatment or covering. Bare duck: The duck surface of a fabricated article wherein the exposed duck surface is free of any covering. Bare duck belt: A belt in which at least one side has the exposed duck surface free of any covering. Bare pulley: A...
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