Bannana wars

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The Banana Wars, a free trade dilemma.

What is International commerce?
What is the effect of globalization in developing countries fighting against big companies?
Is free trade fair?Hypothesis: Globalization has had a major impact on the world’s commerce. The decrease in banana prices in Britain, caused by deals between big commerce companies, has made other smaller stores lower theirprices for competitiveness. This decrease in prices has created crisis in developing countries in which the banana commerce is among the most important economical activities, so when first worldcountries try to help their third world protégées they put into question the “Free trade” that’s trying to be achieved by the WTO.
Independent variable: Globalization has had a major impact on theworld’s commerce by opening a whole new market to companies all around the world, but only the big commerce giants have enough power to influence the economy of a whole country with the deals made betweenthem.
Dependent variable: The deals made by powerful companies (independent variable) influence the third world and developing countries, this due to the level of competitiveness that they have toachieve to remain in the international market; this sometimes is too high and they cannot compete. They are in the major companies’ hands (completely dependent).
Strategy for search of literature:I’ll first start by the most simple: Google (Amen). I’ll type in search “Banana Wars” and go from there. First I have to get a general idea of the theme, by reading random information in the internet andstarting to look up for words and people I don’t know or recognize to fully understand the situation I will be talking about; I’ll also use Youtube to look up documentals and articles to get a broadergrasp of the situation (seeing it really helps).
Once I know the basics, I’ll get into specifics and will look up articles talking about the conflict in hand either in real-life or web...
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