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Kitchen cookbook

delicious easy recipes!

Rosa María Pérez Sánchez n.l.14

Teacher: Mónica muzquiz

Esc sec gral. nO. 1 “constitución de 1917”



hot cakes!


*flour pancakes
 To decorate:
put in a bowl the flour, eggs and milk mix then melt the butter in a panand add
small circles to whit butter in a pan of this mixture kitchen and turn left until you go bubbles
then decorate with chocolate jelly or something of your choice.

Lemon pie!


*lemon (3-5 ports)

*carnation milk


*cookies marias

How to prepare:

Mingle the juice of lemons and the milk in a boul.

Scatte cookies at the bottam of ad poru the mixtureon cookies.repeteat this util finish whit the ingredients cool the pie to taste

shrimp cocktail!


Boil first shrimp.
after all the cilantro, chop the onion finely
avocado and tomato also
shrimp are placed in a bowl with all the vegetables and add ketchup
can be served with crackers.Floatin of coca cola!
*vere cold coca-cola
*lemon snow globes

Iodides the refresh in the vessels and place aboce a snowball it is served immediately

Caesar salad!


*a prepare cooked and shred chiken breast

*ther tablespoons mayonoise

*a quarter of cream

*a large can of vegetables previously drained

*a puck of tocated

*and hotsauice tuste


In a large how put the chiken cream mayonoise and vegetables mix well and ready to be sent of tocat and if you want to put hot sause.

Apple salad!


*3 green or red apples

*cream (the cream is totaste)

*sugar or honey to toste

*half cup chapped wainnts


Thoroughly woshed apples cut apples in to a boul add the cream sugar orhoney and charped nuts and stir well you can decorate whit nuts or whaterver you like!.

Candies of nut!


*2 packs of marias cookies


*1 lechera

*2 pacj of nut



Grind the marias cookies in the end of grind aneself incorporate the sugar and the ciannamon.

One self incorporate the lechera until which remain something thick afterward oneself put in the envelope . to the end aneself put one nuton top and to eat.

Strawberry fresh water

(aproximotelly 12 cups)


*Strawberry kg. (clean and disinfected)


*one and hait blues of water


to liquefy the strawberries with a little water until liquid is completely qe ponerno after the pitcher but first you have to sneak qe
inthe jar filled with water as needed to add sugar nesesarío
serve in a glass with ice and garnish with whole strawberries.

Envinada cream!

*hidrates grenetina in ¼ cup of water let stand for 2 minutes and geat to water batth until disolved reserve.

*beat the yolks whit swoor right apeed unless they are mony creamy with swoor right apeed unless they are mony creamy while continuing to peadincluides wine

*addd the cream slow and soround shoped nut inally inteyrated the grenetina empty in to moulds and refrigerated.

Coctail of fruits!





*liquid chocolate



Firs wash the fruits tater pick the fruits in mango pieces but on the gloss and finally add chantilly and liquit chocolate and enjoy yourdesset.

Carlota lemon!


*cookies marias



*milk carnation


mix well the milk and evaporated milk with lemon juice after a reflactario put a layer of graham crackers to cover the entire reflactario then a layer of the mixture and so until it finally finished putting in the freezer and garnish with cinnamon .

BBQ Beans and Franks!...
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