Batalla de puebla

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Battle of Puebla:

The Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862 near the city of Puebla (Mexico), in attack and defense of Fort Fort Loreto and Guadalupe, during the French invasion of Mexico. Mexican victory was an important global resonance, because the army beat more experienced and reputed at the time. Is commemorated in Mexico with the Cinco de Mayo.
Mainly due to the amountof debt, France, England and Spain subscribed to the London Convention, by which they pledged to intervene by the use of force in Mexico to claim their rights as creditors, meanwhile said President Benito Juarez suspended commitments and deferred pay the debt to European nations.
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After the long and bloody struggle called "Three-Year War" and elected PresidentBenito Juarez to the period 1861-1865, the Mexican government was without resources to meet urgent expenses of public administration because of perceived income, 91% was for the payment of foreign debt and to support the army.
Given those circumstances., 17 June 1861, the government was forced to suspend for two years the payment of all public debt in order to leverage their budget and meet the basicneeds of the population and the country.
The suspension of payments to foreign nations, was just the pretext that crystallized the idea of intervening in our country, as Mexican conservatives who, having lost hope of regaining power for themselves, had resorted to the courts of Europe in demand for support in order to bring a foreign prince to govern.
Tripartite Military Alliance
With theLondon Convention (October 31, 1861), Spain, England and France came together and agreed to invade our country to ensure payment of their claims. To carry out its purposes formed a tripartite military alliance that would dominate the Mexican customs, although he spoke of respecting the national integrity and the constituted government.
While common reason was the payment of its debts, had otherclaims and interests, for example:
Spain was no longer colonies, with trade and industry decaying dead aspired to the establishment of a Conservative government made it possible to recover some of its former dominions.
England, with a large industrial and financial power had extended its colonial empire in Asia and Africa and aimed to broaden their dominions in America.
The French empire haddeveloped and wanted to contain the spread of the United States, while offering the French bourgeoisie the opportunity to open new markets and rich mining colonies.
With a common flag, but for different purposes, the armies of the three allies came to Mexico. The Spanish Armada was the first to arrive at Veracruz (December 1861), then English and French forces arrived in January 1862.
Representativesof the three powers sent an ultimatum to the government of Juarez, calling for the payment of its debts and the satisfaction of the "damage" done to their diplomats. Juarez replied to this stating his desire to reach an amicable settlement, and inviting their representatives to a conference with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Manuel Bent, to determine the amount of debt. It alsorepealed the law that was declared suspended the payment of foreign debt, and declared "traitors" to the Mexicans who supported the intervention.

Allied nations agreed to the proposal of Juarez and in February 1862 in the village of La Soledad, General met Primm, representing the Allies and Manuel Bent representative of Mexico. In these preliminary conferences, approved thefollowing:

a) The recognition of the Juarez government.
b) The statement that the powers would respect the integrity and national independence
c) The negotiations would take place in Orizaba, and allied forces would establish its headquarters in the cities of Cordoba, Orizaba and Tehuacan.
d) If declared broken relationships, the allied troops would return to the points that initially...
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