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Continuing in the bottom of the mural, it represents the Totonac and the Mexica or Aztecs, note the division of the territory of both groups through a green branch of a shrub crossed on the floorbetween the feet of the left caciques.A is the chief of Mexico using a headdress of quetzal feathers, we note that the chief's hands are manicured and painted nails are pointed and red this was theexpression of the fertility of the sun and also denotes his rank. He is covered with the emblems of the god of merchants Yacatecutli, which is seen in high to the left. We are carrying on a litter betweentwo fans with green and yellow feathers and this pointed to the wealth of the earth by the sun shining.
Let the far left kneeling below a Mexican noting that taxed his subjects in a codex Totonac andposition each element denoting size and color information specifies an example of this is the codex of Taxes or Codice Mtricula Moctezuma.
In the front, right we see the group of Totonacos, led bytheir chief who used clothes corresponding to his rank, he is a ballplayer who wears a headdress adorned with jewels artistically dazzling with his hands holding a cup full of fine fruit and Quetzalfeathers can also be seen on the ground a basket of tropical fruit such as pineapples, papayas and peppers also freshly killed fawn among other products that taxed the Totonac.
Note that the backgroundof the two characters who lead the groups, there is a group and shrubs with vanilla and orchid which the Totonac the appointed "black flower" because of the heat they take their pods to mature.
Inthe bottom of the mural will appreciate a grisaille frieze, the first on the left shows the harvest of the various tropical fruits.
The central quadrant presents the textile industry, the most widelyused fibers were cotton and various hard fibers such as the development of a tissue Ixtle.La has 3 basic stage spinning, warping and weaving.
The yarn is the operation which form continuous...
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