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* The Bauhaus movement started just after the First World War, demonstrating inspiration from the ideals of the revolutionary art movements.
* It was an idea to reform the artistic ways ofteaching, and an approach to transform the autocratic society of that time
* Origins of the Bauhaus
Pioneering socialist architect, Walter Gropius,founder of the Staatliches Bauhaus on April 1, 1919to start the Bauhaus movement which spread around the world.
Klee believed that the material world was only one among many realities open to human awareness. His use of design, pattern, color, andminiature sign systems all speak to his efforts to use art as a window on that philosophical principle.
Characteristics & techniques
An esthetic influenced by techniques and materials mostlyused in industrial fabrication and manufacture. Functional design, as opposed to the elaborate Gothic architecture of Germany.
1929 Established necessary rules and patterns of what we know today asindustrial and graphic design. Given the importance of the Bauhaus works in Weimar and Dessau the school of Bauhaus was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.
Walter Gropius wrote theschool’s first manifesto, “The ultimate aim of all creative activity is the building”. This was a new way of thinking, as artists were traditionally separated from designers, architects and engineers.Bauhaus manifesto commits on bringing back together all artistic disciplines: sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, and manual trades.
“Attempt to integrate the artist and the craftsman, to bridge thegap between art and industry”.
Bauhaus was the antithesis of the Arts and Crafts movement in fundamental ways:
* No more romance of hand making in the countryside.
* Its emphasis was urbanand technological, and it embraced 20th-century machine culture.
* Mass production was the god, sentimental choices and visual distractions would only mess up human lives.
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