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How to Make Bracelets:
Making Beaded Bracelets with

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6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns For Handmade Bracelet making

How to Make Bracelets:
6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns For Handmade Bracelet making
Wooded Wonderland cascade oF sHades sPool knit Bracelet

by jEss italia lincoln p. 1

by ElizabEth Murray p. 2

by donna P. ryan-Kocun p. 3

collage BraceletstarFloWer Bracelet

acorn Bracelet

by bEth Kraft p. 6

by cathy collison p. 9

by barbara richard p. 11



How to Make Bracelets:
6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns For Handmade Bracelet making
I’ve had a longtime love affair with beaded bracelets. You name the bead, I love it. Never met a beaded bracelet I didn’t like. They’re fun to make, fun to wear, and everyone likes abracelet or two (try pairing up a couple of different bracelets sometime when you feel adventurous). I’m pleased to present you with this new collection, How to Make Bracelets: 6 Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns for Handmade Bracelet Making. These are several of our most popular bracelet patterns, sure to whet your appetite and get you going on some serious bracelet-making. Wooded Wonderland by JessItalia Lincoln starts off this beaded bracelet series and shows how to suspend various types of beads, pearls, and crystals in textured “eternity garden” brass rings as well as how to make groovy gunmetal wire spirals. In Cascade of Shades, Elizabeth Murray combines the subtle to darker shades of rose and purple with Bali silver for some great hombre seed bead beauty. Donna Ryan-Kocun’s spool knitbracelet offers both an interesting technique and a hit of vibrant color, showcasing a beautiful focal ceramic bead. New for 2012, we’ve included three new bracelet making projects just for you! Beth Kraft’s Collage Bracelet is a great way to let your creativity roam wild while using up all those “leftover” beads in your stash. Or try combining beaded flowers and hand-dyed silk ribbons in CathyCollison’s Starflower Bracelet. And if you love vintage beads as much as I do, you’ll love Barbara Richard’s Acorn Bracelet. Her peyote stitch bead caps make the perfect accents for some lovely ivory-colored glass beads! Each project includes step-by-step instructions and great photography. As with potato chips, one simply won’t be enough. This eBook will inspire you to kick your bracelet-makingskills up a notch and keep on going. Challenge yourself with a new technique, choose an unusual color, make one for your motherin-law, and try something out of the box. I hope you will enjoy.

Jennifer VanBenschoten, Beading Daily editor

How to Make a Bracelet
editor, beadingdaily JENNIFER VANBENSCHOTEN designer OCEANA gARCEAu / photography JOE COCA, ANN SWANSON
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Materials 8 crystal copper 4mm crystal bicones 4 satin hyacinth 6mm crystal bicones 3 red 8×12mm pressed-glass rectangles 8 purple 6mm potato pearls 8 teal 7mm round pearls 4 brass 3mm melon beads 4 brass 8×3mm blossom bead caps 3 brass 25mm “eternity garden” rings 1 brass 11×24mm hook clasp 20 brass 1½" head pins 3 brass 1" eye pins 1 brass5mm jump ring 4" of gunmetal 24-gauge craft wire 6" of brass 6×8mm oval chain tools Round-nose pliers chain-nose pliers Wire cutters Finished size: 7¼"

Wooded Wonderland

J E S S I TA L I A L I n c o L n

Step 1: Use an eye pin to string 1 glass rectangle; form a simple loop. Repeat with the remaining rectangles and eye pins. Set aside. Step 2: Cut the chain into four 1¼" pieces. Open...
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