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“Let It Be Influenced”

Music has been important throughout history as a humble way of communication since prehistoric times. It has evolved throughout time but essentially, its definition has not changed: It is noise put in order to communicate something. Music can make someone sad, make someone happy, make someone retrospect about something or just annoy them, either way it is justmusic.
During the last centuries, music has evolved dramatically from once being just gobbling sounds to beautiful harmonic sounds, which are evidently bigger that the humble sheets of paper used to represent it. From Bach to Mozart, from Buddy Holly to Ray Charles, and from The Beatles to Lady Gaga; why has music changed so much? Why cannot music from Beethoven earn millions instead of justsome prerecorded sounds with fake voices? Should not it be famous today way back when Opera was the best choice of music? From early rock being based almost entirely upon love songs and the heartbreak that follows their demise, to the anti-war ballads of the sixties, to the glorified excess that was the eighties, the reasons why people turn to music hasn't changed, though the story of the tune has.(Thackston, 2008). This research will try to answer this complicated conundrum and exemplify it by reducing it to Rock ‘n’ Roll music, but even more specifically, this research paper will be focused on the development of a band, The Beatles, as well as its influence and some comparisons from the contemporary events their music went through.
Music, at its purest definition, is sound. Having thisrelation, sound is made up of waves that travel through the air that our ear receives and our brain decodes depending on the strength of the wave and its latency. So let us state the difference between music and sound; that is difficult, because essentially sound is music and music is sound, but to put it in simpler terms, music is what we perceive as sound accommodated in such a way it isappealing in some way to the ear. By this principle, someone can perceive the sound of a busy street (people walking, car horns, and babies crying) as music; it is just that when we walk around town we hear a complete disorder, instead of organized sounds, or music. Music does emanate from our alarm clocks in the morning, and fill our cars, and give us chills, and make us cry. According to a recent paperby Nidhya Logeswaran and Joydeep Bhattacharya from the University of London, music even affects how we see visual images. (Scientific American, 2009).
Thus how did people perceive sound as music? If sound is music, people back then tried to use devices to produce sound in an organized manner, even being as prehistoric and wooden plates with animal skin tied over them to produce sounds, nowadaysknown as drums. That is how music started, with percussion instruments, the oldest creations of man with desire to produce sound in an organized manner, or at least control when to produce it.
For many years, the human voice at its simplest form like yawning or screaming stood as the music expression, but even if it was controlled, it was natural and not man-made. But then, as time went by inhistory flutes were discovered by the simple action of blowing air through the inside of a stick, most commonly a bamboo or a hollow bone. A flute is just another perfect example of man’s desire to produce sound and control it in a way.
As time went by, people found different ways to control sound, for example the accordion, the clavichord (piano’s grandfather) and a wide variation of windinstruments. With this huge development, primarily in the XVIII and XIX century, world-wide known composers such as Mozart, and Beethoven were known to use all the instruments available to their full potential by implementing them within orchestras and their music.

The band is from Great Britain. They are from Liverpool. John Lennon listened to Elvis Presley music. This is how they got...
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