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Ludwig Van Beethoven was born on December 16, 1770, in Bonn. His early childhood passed in the middle of the affective indifference from his parents, especially of his father (acourt musician).
The fame of Mozart had made havoc in many families, including Beethoven’s family because his father was mainly interested in Beethoven being a second Mozart ratherthan his education. So his father decided to educate him as a musician and managed to present him to society in a public concert to create fame.
These were the words that wereannounced to public:
“Today, March 26, 1778, in the musical academies hall, we have the honour of present two of our students, Mss Averdone and his own son of six years old.”
In 1782,at the age of 11, Beethoven published his fisrt composition: “9 Variations of a March of Erns Christoph Dressler”.
Later in June 1784, by recommendation of Neefe, was hired as amisucian in the court of Maximilian Franz, Elector of Colombia. This position allowed him to be close to the music of old great orchestra teachers.
The Prince Maximilian Franz wasconscious of Beethoven’s talent and for that same reason in 1787 sent him to Vienna to study with Mozart and continue his education.
But his mother (María Magdalena) got seriouslysick, and through a letter, his father asked him to come back immediately. She finally died of tuberculosis on July 17, 1787.
Then, in 1792, Prince Maximilian gave him anotheropportunity to go to Vienna. Beethoven left and never came back to his town.
He studied music with Franz Joseph Haydn and Antonio Saliére, and acquired big fame as a pianist, composer,and professor. This allowed him to relate with Viennese nobility.
He got a progressive deafness, which let him completely deaf in 1814. He finally died in 1827 of pneumonia.
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