Being and goodness ( st thomas aquinas)

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  • Publicado : 25 de marzo de 2011
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Being and Goodness
Goodness in a being and being and goodness are the same. As Aquinas states it in the Summa Theological (Q.5, a.1) Being and goodness are found in all created beings. The book ofGenesis reveals, God’s goodness through creating and calling things into existence. “In the beginning God created.” He creates heaven, earth, light, stars, seas, vegetation plants, trees, seeds,fruits, etc. However all this things that God created, before were call then into existence they where in God’s mind first. Let used an analogy about a cabinet to simple explain God’s creation. First, thecarpenter must have an image in his mind about what he wants to make out of the piece of wood. He has in mind different shapes and sizes for the different parts found on a cabinet (doors, drawers,shells, etc). The carpenter will work on the piece of wood, until it has the image he previously created in his mind. This example shows how the cabinet is already in existence in the mind of thecarpenter before existing as a corporeal object.
After each fruit, tree, plant, seed, and dots of dirt are call into existence they are call beings because they in actual existence we are able to see,it touched, smell heart and even taste some. So if this plants exist is because it has being, therefore if it has being is because is good “Every being, as being, is good” (Q.5, a.3). Lets look at oneparticular being out of all the other beings that God created that day in the garden of Eden. The bean plant, was in God mind first, before it was call into existence, but now that the plant is aliveis good because it exist and also because through his act is seeking his own perfection as Aquinas says: “ For all being, as being, has actuality and is in some way perfect; since every act impliessome sort of perfection; and perfection implies desirability and goodness.” (Q.5, a.3) Therefore the bean plant is seeking or desiring his own perfection by being a bean plant as fully it can be,...
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