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Extend The Life Of Your Tools With Nitrex™
Nitrex™ high endurance surface enhancement, exclusively from Wilson Tool, increases press brake tooling life by several times that of standard tooling. With a surface hardness of HRC-60 and a consistent .020" (.51mm) of penetration below the surface of the tool, Nitrex adds lubricity to press brake tooling and lowers the coefficientof friction as the steel slides over the shoulder of the V-opening on a die. Any Wilson Tool press brake punch can be enhanced with Nitrex and all of Wilson Tool’s 1V and 2V press brake dies now come standard with Nitrex.

Nitrex™ High Endurance Surface Enhancement

Patent Number: 6,327,884 B1

The Wilson Express Clamping System™
Express Clamping Systems for:
The Wilson Express ClampingSystem™ is simply the most exciting new development in press brake technology to take place in decades. It is a new, highly advanced series of punch holders that include a host of unique and innovative features designed to allow you to set up your press brake fast. Really fast!
• Loading Punches Is A Snap With the Wilson Express Clamping System, 16.34" (415mm) long punches and individual pieces ofsectionalized punches are loaded by simply placing them under the clamps and pushing them upward. There’s no need to slide them in from the end of the machine. The spring loaded clamps capture the punch via the safety groove and hold it in place until the clamps are locked. To lock the clamps, you simply push a single removable lever upward. • Unloading Punches Is Fast And Simple To unlock theclamps, you simply pull down the locking lever. Small punch sections may then be removed by pushing inward on the top of the clamps. This opens the clamps, allowing the operator to pull the individual sections straight down. No need to slide them out the end of the machine. And, since the clamps are easily removed by hand, you can remove them from the punch holders that are not in use. • DualClamping Available For an additional cost you can have the dual clamping feature on your Wilson Express Clamping System. This feature allows you to load punches with the relief area facing forward or toward the rear of the machine. And, both front and rear clamps are opened and closed simultaneously when the locking lever is actuated. • Uses Standard Tooling Unlike other so-called “quick clampingsystems,” the Wilson Express Clamping System is designed to use standard European (Promecam®) style press brake tooling with a safety groove. This allows you to use the same high quality Wilson tooling that you currently own. There is no need for a special type of tooling, and you won’t have to re-purchase the system with every tool that you order. • No Hydraulics Required You also won’t need anexpensive hydraulic clamping system. The Wilson Express Clamping System is of a mechanical design and does not require hydraulics. This virtually eliminates maintenance and the possibility of hydraulic leaks as well as the possibility of punches being released in the event of a power failure. • Available For Your Press Brake The Wilson Express Clamping System is available for virtually all makes andmodels of press brakes— with and without adjustment wedges. This makes it easy to take advantage of the productivity gains and improved profitability that come with the Wilson Express Clamping System. • Call For A Free Demonstration Scheduling a free demonstration of this exciting technology is also fast and easy. Simply contact your local Wilson Tool International® sales engineer or our applicationsales desk at 800-445-4518 or fax us at 800-539-4590 to schedule a free demonstration at your facility.

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Amada® Z1 and most European (Promecam®) Style Press Brakes

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