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There are 60 multiple-choice questions in the rest. Read the example and choose the correct answer to each question: a, b, c or d
0.- Tomas is from Poland
a) are b) is c) aren’t d) am
1.- Maria and Fernando are Spanish
a) is b)isn’t c)are d) am
2.- They’ve got three children’s
a) child’s b) children’s c) children d) child
3.- There’sa pencil on the table
a) a b) two c) some d) any
4.- My brother’s sixteen he’s called Tom
a) She’s b) He’s c) It’s d)You’re
5.- I’ve got two sisters their bedroom is very big
a) His b)your c) their d) her
6.- Where are you from
a)Where b)What c)When d)Who
7.- This is my book those are you books on the table
a)Thisb)that c)it d)those
8.- There are twenty students in my class
a)they b) there c)we d)it
9.- there’s blackboard in the classroom but there aren’t any shelves
a)any b)some c)a d)the

10.-my parents have got blue eyes but my father’s hair is black
a) father b)fathers c)fathers’ d) father’s
11.- Have you got any apples?
a)has b)have c)Is d)do
12.- They speak English butthey don’t speak French
a)don’t b)do c)does d)doesn’t
13.- Does he play the guitar?
a)do b)does c)is d)don´t
14.- I usually get up at 7 o’clock
a) usually get b)get sometimes c) get often d) get usually
15.-We like him but he doesn’t like us
a)we b)he c)they d)us
16.- She is wearing a black T-shirt today
a)wears b)doesn’t wear c)is wearing d) are wearing17.- I don’t like playing football
a)play b)playing c)to playing d)doing
18.- My friend Jack wasn´t at school yesterday because he was ill
a)isn´t b)was c)were d)wasn’t
19.- where did you go last night?
a)did you go b)do you go c)you go d)does she go
20.- what did they go to do next weekend?
a)do you go b)are you going c) are you doing d)did they go

21.- she can playthe piano very well?
a)does b)can play c)play d)can
22.- we usually go to the disco on Saturday but we aren’t going today
a)don’t go b)doesn’t go c)isn’t going d)aren´t going
23.- are they playing tennis with us tomorrow?
a)are they playing b)do we play c)you are doing d)does he do
24.- she’s more taller than her sisters
a) big b)taller c)oldest d)intelligent
25.- London is themost expensive city in Britain
a)most expensive b)more expensive c)bigger d)beautiful
26.- I went to Warsaw last week
a)go b)was c)went d)am not going
27.- Her Spanish is very good. She speaks it’s very good
a)badly b)good c)quickly d)slowly
28.-We were having a coffe in the café when we saw Tom
a)had b)was having c)are having d)were having
29.- The music is very loud, Bobturn it down, please
a)turned b)turning c)turn d) don’t turn
30.- You must take your passport when you travel to another country
a)must b)should c)mustn’t d)don´t have to
31.- We will see you next week
a)see b)will see c)is going to see d) is seeing

32.-if she passes the exam, she’ll go to university
a)is passing b)will pass c)passes d)won´t pass
33.- I’ll buy some milk if I goto the supermarket
a)a b)an c)some d)any
34.- Have you ever met a famous person?
a)has b)do c)did d)have
35.- They’ve never been to a rock concert
a)saw b)seen c)gone d)been
36.-It’s not my bag. It’s her’s
a)hers b)her c)him d)mine
37.- he hasn’t phoned yet
a)just b)al ready c)ever d)yet
38.-i´m not hungry I have just had lunch
a)have yet b)have just c)alreadyhave d)just have
39.-you don’t have to go now you can go tomorrow
a)must b)mustn’t c)have to d)have
40.- this is the best chocolate in the world it is made in Switzerland
a) were made b)is made c)makes d)made
41.- the book was written in 1954
a)is written b)were written c)was written d)wrote
42.-if you see a snake run!
a)’ll run! b)running c)to run! d)run!

43.- at school last...
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