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Galileo galilei

(Pisa, Italy today, 1564-Arcetri, id., 1642) Italian physicist and astronomer. Florence was the eldest son of Vincenzo Galilei, a musician by vocation but forced to engage in trade to survive. In 1574 the family moved to Florence, and Galileo was sent a while, perhaps as a novice "to the monastery of Santa Maria di Vallombrosa, until, in 1581, his father enrolled him as amedical student at the University of Pisa. But in 1585, having started in mathematics outside the classroom, college dropout with nothing to title, although it had acquired a taste for philosophy and literature.In 1589 he got a square, low-paid, in the Pisa study. He wrote a text on the movement, which remained unpublished, in which he criticized the views of Aristotle about the free fall of the bassand the movement of projectiles, a tradition apocryphal, but highly publicized, credited his enlightened criticism with a series of public experiments performed from atop the Campanile of Pisa.
In 1592 he occupied a chair of mathematics at Padua and began a fruitful period of his scientific life, dealt with military architecture and topography, made several mechanical inventions, he resumed hisstudies and discovered the isochronous movement of the pendulum. In 1599 he joined the young Venetian Marina Gamba, who split in 1610 after taking her two daughters and a son.In July 1609 he visited Venice and learned about the manufacture of the telescope, whose improvement is devoted, and which made the first observations of the Moon also discovered four satellites of Jupiter and observed thephases of Venus, a phenomenon that could only explained if one accepted the heliocentric hypothesis of Copernicus. Galileo published his findings in a brief text, The Sidereal Messenger, which gave him fame throughout Europe and earned him the award of an honorary professorship at Pisa.In 1611 he traveled to Rome, where did Prince Federico Cesi first member of the Accademia dei Lincei, founded by him,and then sponsored the publication (1612) of Galileo's observations of sunspots. But the Copernican profession in the text provoked a complaint to the Holy Office in 1616 after inclusion in the Index of Forbidden Books of the work of Copernicus, Galileo was warned that he should not publicly expose the theses condemned.

who was?
was a philosopher, mathematician, astronomer who was related tothe scientific revolution
he did?
confirm that the earth revolved around the sun
when born?
February 15, 1564
when he died?
in 1642
the invention light?
not the invention not
The monastery was?
if if was monastery
he wrote in 1859?
some views of Aristotle
made in 1592?
achieving a chair of mathematics
made in 1609?
visit venice
he did in 1611?
travels to Rome

ThomasAlba Edison

Milan, 1847 - West Orange, 1931) American Inventor, the most brilliant of modern times. His mother managed to awaken the intelligence of the young Edison, who was allergic to the monotony of school. The miracle happened after reading a book she gave entitled School of Natural Philosophy by Richard Green Parker, such was his fascination that she wanted to do for himself all theexperiments and test all the theories it contained. Aided by his mother, settled in the basement of his home a small laboratory convinced he was going to be an inventor.At twelve years, not to mention his passion for the experiments, considered in their power to win real money materializing some of their good ideas. His first initiative was to sell newspapers and sweets on the train made the journeyfrom Port Huron to Detroit. Had broken the Civil War and travelers were eager for news. Edison convinced the railroad telegraph to describe in the bulletin boards of the stations brief headlines about the development of the race, not to mention add to foot the full details appeared in newspapers, those newspapers sold Edison himself on the train and it goes without saying that the hand removed. At...
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