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By Frida Esquivel Mejia.

Anne Frank was born on June 12th, 1929 InFrankfurt-am-Main.
She was the second daughter of Otto Heinrich Frank & Edith Hollander, sister of Margot Frank, who was three years older than Anne. They lived through the time thatHitler was ruling Germany, so her family decided to escape to the Netherlands.
Anne had dreams to becoming a writer, so when it was her 13th birthday, her parents give her adiary, the best present anyone could give to her. She started to write on it, and she wrote for two years more, although she don´t know that her diary will become one ofthe most published books ever, and will be translated into over 60 different languages.
I admire her because although she was on a difficult situation, she teaches to valuemany important things, like love and union. I love her book, too. So she learned to continue with her dreams and imagination although all the big problems.
On September 28,1942 she wrote: I can't tell you how oppressive it is never to be able to go outdoors, also I am very afraid that we will be discovered.
The last entry Anne wrote in herdiary was on August, 1, 1944. Three days later, the German police found them, and she and her family were taken to concentration camps.
Margot and she were forced to workhorrible jobs, and the acid burned her fingers. About one month before the Jews were freed Anne died of typhus. Margot died too.
Many people say that Anne died on March of1945, but they don’t know the day. Just Anne´s dad return of the camps, he founded the diary and he decided to publish the book that later will became in one best- seller.
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