Biografia De Antoine Of Saint Exupery

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Sunday 29 of June, is born in Lyon (France), in the Nro. 8 of "rue Peyrat" (nowadays "rue Alfonse Fochier"), Antoine Jean Batiste Marie Roger of Saint Exupéry. He was the third son, after Marie-Madeleine (1898) and of Simone (1899), of Count Jean Marie of Saint Exupéry and Marie Boyer de Fonscolombe.
His Francois brother is born
HerGabrielle sister is born, That same year passes away her father. From there, she will pass his childhood, until the ten years, between the Castle of the Mòle, property of his grandmother of Fonscolombe, and the castle of Saint Maurice de Rémens, near Ambérieu, property of the Mrs. of Tricaud, his aunt.
He is student of the brothers of the Christian Schools, in Lyon.
Towards the end ofthe summer, her family settles in Him Mans, of where the family of her father is native.
The 7 of October of this year, enter like external student in the School Notre Dame of Sainte Croix.
Her mother, Marie of Saint Exupéry seems very well not to have adapted to her political family and the provincial life of Him Mans, and returns to Saint Maurice de Rèmens, leaving to her childrenAntoine and Francois in charge of her aunts Anaïs and Marguerite. In the school Sainte Croix, the discipline is very strict and to Antoine the punishments by their stained red fingers, their lack of interest in the studies and by the disorder of their ticket office so stuffed of books, notebooks and papers rain to him that hardly if it were possible to be closed. There am the memory here thatconserves of this time, several years later, in a letter to its mother:
"... You are truely the only consolation, when one is sad. When he was young, he returned to house with my heavy portfolio on my backs, llorisqueando by to be punished - remember You, in Him Mans? - and, single with kissing to me, towards which he forgot everything to it. You were a remedy all powerful against the teachers andparents prefects... "
The family spends the summer in Ambérieu. To a few kilometers of there, to the east of Saint Maurice de Rémens, they had installed a small aerodrome. Antoine went away there with his bicycle, and passed hours asking the mechanics over the airplanes and their operation. At the end of July, he receives his baptism of the air in a BERTHAUD WROBLEWSKI, airplane made inVilleurbanne, near Lyon, by the Berthaud industrialist from the planes drawn by Pierre and Gabriel Wroblewski Salvez. The same one is the young person Gabriel Wroblewski who pilots the airplane (according to another biographer, Light Estang, he is Vedrines aviator who would have piloted the airplane in which Antoine flew for the first time). It was so the impact of this experience on the young personAntoine, who inspired a poem to him of which single we have left these verses:
"... the wings shook under the blowing of the dusk,
The motor with its song rocked the sleepy soul.
And the sun grazed to us with its lívida light... "
In June, at the end of the course, it receives the prize of narrative of his class by his story: ODYSSEY OF A GLASS HAT. The 28 of July, die assassinated inSarajevo archduke Francisco Fernando of Austria and his wife. The 2 of August, explode World War I. The same month, its Roger uncle of Saint Exupéry, dies in combat to the front of its battalion, in Maissin. Her mother is voluntary nurse in the field hospital installed in the railway station of Ambérieu. She decides to be engaged in to his children with her and she registers them, in October, in theSchool Notre Dame de Montgré, of the Jesuitas parents, in South Villafranche Saône.
In February, both brothers return to Sainte Croix, in Him Mans, where Antoine receives another prize of narrative. But, health problems force to him to return to house before the course finalizes. After the vacations, the brothers enter Villa Saint Jean, a school of the marianistas in Friburgo (Swiss).
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