Biografias De Animales En Ingles

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  • Publicado : 31 de diciembre de 2012
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Emidosaurio reptile that lives in rivers and swamps of tropical regions nearly worldwide. Is 4 to 5 m long, has the body covered with scales harsh shield-shaped dark greencolor with reddish spots yellow, the muzzle is oblong, the tongue short and almost entirely attached to the lower jaw, the two feet webbed back and tail compressed with two lateralridges on top and above all very flexible and powerful. Nothing and runs with great rapidity and is fearful for their voracity. It feeds on a wide variety of animals. In differentregions of the world meet other similar families known as gharials, alligators, caimans, alligators, etc..


This large dark gray animal with big body and short legsobese four hooves and skin almost naked is a native of tropical Africa. Mid three to four meters long and just over a meter in height and weight often reaches three tons. Live in smallherds of about 20 individuals along the rivers. Leaves the water to graze at night and sleeps during the day without hovering over water more than the eyes and nose. Because thevegetation damaged, knotted to the usefulness of sugrasa and ivory, is a very peseguido animal, even if you are caring for their supervivencia.Cuando born, the mother takes him on his backwhile swimming.

Small cetacean teeth of which the best known is the bottle nose dolphin. It measures 4 feet long, the back is gray, I could be almost black, the bellychest and throat are white or pale gray. Both LDOs are in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific, including the rivers tend to traced. His head is small in relation co the longer the hosicofusiform body is tapered and is encouraged on small fish. Skin is glossy. After man, the dolphin is considered one of the most intelligent animals. Agree very well in captivity.
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