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  • Publicado : 19 de julio de 2010
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Michael Joseph Jackson United States, August 29, 1958 - Los Angeles, USA, June 25, 2009, known in the art world as Michael Jackson, was a singer,songwriter and dancer of American pop music in a broad sense that includes the sub rhythm & blues (soul and funk), disco and dance.

After forming in thesixties, while still a child, a very successful group in the company of his brothers, The Jackson Five, in the decade of the eighties became the mostsuccessful pop superstar worldwide, "the new King of pop 'given the extraordinary impact of his album Thriller (1982), the biggest selling album in musichistory.

Michael Jackson was known worldwide as the king of pop and "king of entertainment" ("King of Entertainment"), the latter title suggested by thepopular television presenter Oprah Winfrey during an interview that it made him in February 1993. In addition, the Encyclopaedia Britannica includesMichael Jackson, rock star as remarkable in its "Rock Music" with Madonna and Prince.

Throughout his career as soloist, the music of Michael Jackson wasmodernized and evolved, especially since the decade of the 80s, and soul with hip hop or funk ("Remember the time" or "Jam" by 1991), the latter fusionis called new jack swing.

But Michael Jackson, like many pop stars of the 80s, also delved into through innovative rock songs like "Beat It" "DirtyDiana" (1987), "Black or White" (1991), which have touched, among others, prominent hard rock guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Slash.
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