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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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Name: Daniela Estay
This small and orphan viking, comes in fourth grade, after that the expelled from several schools, for certain reasons XD; in fourth grade is coupled with the Catalinahappened to be friends, but over time began to distance. Also during this year's worst enemy was Lucas, who recently by first half changed strongly to be the inseparable friends, which the Dany calls“buttock”. Then in fifth grade, after a million fights with Yasna, they became friends. In seven grade begins to together with Camila Andrade and in eighth grade meets Camilla and Cony, becoming thelast of his friend along with Yasna until today.
Also do not forget that in eighth grade had their "platonic love", love toucan, sexy stud, gentle as, the Recko ... etc. Not forgetting that with"love toucan”, referred to him with the song "heartbroken watching the sea, suddenly I saw you I turned to love, love toucan, love toucan ... etc"
In first half are socialized with the entire course,during that year he met at Andy (who had known him a long time, but did not dare to speak), with which courtship and lasted eight years. In second half, went on tour with Yoyo, with which to get back toschool courtship with, but separated and returned until that the Yoyo is mad at her and did not speak, up in middle third. Well, the tour any day of Daniel slept in his room, only the last day onwhich they ocurred "certain things" XD; plus he forgot his pajamas, so they went to pants the nacho for sleep. Finally in middle third after five months after finishing with Yoyo, begins courtship with"J ",which was his "friend"; with him to state from today, and I hope you never fall out, because they a cute couple XD

Daniela, you want the best for next year, you achieve all your goals you havein mind, you have excellent results in the PSU. And naaa.., I love you and miss you too, I hope the future will return to gather, to remember old memories of when we were in school. I love to meet...
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