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Start that the members of a species show variation

State means to give a specific name, value or other brief answer without explanation or calculation.

• Popultions of a species showvariation
• Variation means differences in phenotypes
• Variation shows two bacis patterns

This type of variation is called discontinuous. There are distinct classes of individual

e.g. Bloodgroups of a human population

Discontinuous variation usually indicates the condition is controlled by one to two genes.

Biology class 27.10.10

Asexual and sexual populations both experiencemutation which increases the variation with the members of a population. However sexually reproducing populations also experience significant additional sources of variation.

The sources of geneticvariation in a population:

• Meiosis and the independent of chromosomes creates 2nd new combinations of chromosome in the next generation n = haploid number of chromosomes.


Evolution is not just based on chance. In a situation where there are too many organisms for limited resources, it is obvious that some individuals will succeed in accessing those resources andthe rest will fail.
The steps of evolution by natural selection:
• Useful variations allow an individual to have a better chance of survival
• Harmful variations make it difficult to surviveinappropriate color for camouflage, heavy bones for birds, having such a big body size that there is not enough.

Individuals with genetic characteristics that are poorly adapted fot theirenvironment tend to be less successful at accessing resources and have less of a chance of surviving to maturity.
Individuals with genetic characteristics that are well adapted for their environment tend tobe more successful at accessing resources and have a better chance of surviving to maturity.

This bacteria is associated with a variety of conditions including skin and lung infections. As an...
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