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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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A day in the life of Rafael Nadal

He is Rafael Nadal Parera, he is a famous tennis player he is current number three in theranking, he have played in the last olimpic games.
He was born in mallorca in Spain but he lives in Manacor Spain, he is 26years old, he is tall and thin, he has long, brown and wavy hair, he has brown eyes, his mother is Ana Maria Parera and his fatheris Sebastian Nadal and he also has a sister, she´s Maria Isabel Nadal.
His favorite food is Pizza, his favorite color is red,he loves playing tennis but he hate playing Volleyball, his favorite music is Flamenco.
His day start at 7 o`clock in themorning, he brushes his teeth and has a shower and then he has milk and toast for breakfast , then he goes to the gym from nine toeleven o clock in the morning and then he has other shower and at twelve o’clock he goes to restaurant with his friends, afterthat he has a nap from one to four in the afternoon, when he gets up he goes to train from five to eight in the afternoon withhis coach, and then he has a shower again, he comes back home, and he makes dinner with his girlfriend, he has dinner at halfpast nine, sometimes he goes to cinema from ten oclock to half past eleven, and he finally he goes to sleep at twelve oclock.
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