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The buildings of chinatown are stoutly constructed of brick, and while some are broad and other thin, they rise no higher tan four solid storeys. Many contain stained-glass windows decorated withflower and diamond patterns, and others boast balconies with fancy wrought-iron railings.
Only one building stands above the rest its turret-like tower is visible even from the harbor, because thecone-shaped rood is made of cooper.
In the early days, chang the merchant tailor owned this building. He used the main floor for his store and rented out the others. But he kept the tower room for his ownuse, for the sun filled it with light. This was the room where his wife and daughter worked.
His daughter’s name was yenna, and her beauty was beyond compare. She had ivory skin, sparkling eyes, andher hair hung long and silken, shining like polished ebony.
All day long she and her mother sat by the tower window and sewed with silver needles and silken threads. They sang songs while theyworked, and their voices rose in wondrous harmonies.
In all Chinatown, the craftsmanship of yenna and her mother was considered the finest. Search as they might, customers could not discern where holeshad once pierced their shirts. Buttonholes never stretched out of shape, and seams were all but invisible.
One day, a young man came into the store laden with garments for mending. His shoulders werebroad and strong, yet his eyes were soft and caring. Many times he came and many times he saw yenna. For hours he would sit and watch her work. They dell deeply in love, thought few words were spokenbetween them.
Spring came and boats bound for the northern gold fields began to sail again. It was time for the young man to go. He had borrowed money to pay his way over to the new world, and now hehad to repay his debts.
Onto his back he threw his blankets and tools, food and warm jackets. Then he set off with miners from around the world, clutching gold pans and shovels.
Yenna had little...
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