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I.- Complete de puzzle. Use the clues to help you fill the boxes with the correct word.
3.- The tissue that conduct food in vascular plants
4.- The three groups of plants (liverworts,hornworts and mosses) that lack specialized conducting tissues and true roots, stems and leaves
5.- A plant that has specialized  tissues that conduct materials from one part of the plant to another7.- The tiny granules that contain the male gametophyte of seed plants
9.- A horizontal, underground stem that produces new leaves, shoots and roots
1.- The type of tissue in vascular plantsthat provides support and conducts water and nutrients from the roots
2.- A woody, vascular seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed by an ovary or fruit
3.- The transfer of pollen from the malereproductive structures to the female structure of seed plants
6.- A flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit
8.- A rootlike structure in nonvascular plants that holds the plants in place andhelps plants get water and nutrients

II.- Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1.- In what stage do plants make spores?a.​gametophyte​​​​​​​c.​photosynthesis​
2.- The two stages of a plant life cycle are
a.​roots and stems.​​​​​​c.​rhizome and rhizoid.​
b.​gametophyte and sporophyte.​​​​​d.​sporophyte and seed.
3.- Whatis an underground stem from which new leaves and roots grow?
4.- What is the tiny, heart-shaped part of a fern that produces both spermand egg?
5.- Gymnosperms and angiosperms both
a.​have flowers.​​​​​​​c.​lack seeds.​
b.​have seeds.​​​​​​​d.​have fruit.
6.-During photosynthesis, what gas do plants release?
b.​carbon dioxide​​​​​​​d.​nitrogen
7.- During cellular respiration, what do plant cells use to...
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