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LEVELS OF ORGANITATION: Organisms interact at different levels. For example, organisms of the same specie interact with another; organisms of different species also interact. Thehigher the level the more interactions there are.
Biosphere: It is the part of the earth where living things can exist.
Ecosystem: It is the interaction between population of the community and thenonliving things, in other words is the interaction between biotic and abiotic factor.
Community: It is the group of different populations that live in the same area.
Population: It is a group oforganisms that interact and live in the same area.
Organism: It is a living thing that can carry out the basic life activities.
Specie: It is a group of organisms that can breed with each other toproduce offspring like themselves.
Biome: It is an ecosystem found over a large geographic area. There are a lot of biomes for example: Deserts, pine forest, grasslands, tundra, oceans, lakes, rivers,savannah and rain forest.
Habitat: The place where an organism live.
Succession: Process in which a community change over time.
PRINCIPLES OF ECOLOGY: Energy is the ability to do a work allliving things need energy to live for example plants take energy from sun light and animals take energy from the food they eat. Energy is transport by the food webs and the food chains this is the flowof energy. The trophic levels are were the organisms organize in the food chain for example always in a trophic level the plants will be the first trophic level that are call producers. Then there aresmall insects that are call herbivores and are located in the second trophic level, then there are the carnivores that re in the third trophic level and finally there are big carnivores and omnivoresthat are in the fourth trophic level. The consumers are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trophic level. The first trophic level uses 100% of the energy the 2nd uses 10% the 3rd uses 1% and the 4th uses 0.1 %...
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