Biosfera 2

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Biosphere 2 Project.

Before we start talking about the Biosphere 2 Project, we need to know what does a biosphere is.
A biosphere is the sum of all ecosystems. The biosphere has another name,which is more commonly used, which is planet Earth.

The word Biosphere is the union of the word Bio, which means Life; and Sphere, which means Globe or Ball. So, like this, in this simple way can beexplained what does biosphere means. We are part of it, we live of it and also it lives from us.

Now, Biosphere 2 is an installment of 3.14 acres built in Arizona. It was constructed between 1987and 1991, starting to work this same year. It was used for the study of the different ecosystems inside our planet, studying the complex web of interactions between the different life systems within thefive different biomes, including a little part for the human interaction within the rest of the nature.
It also explored the possibility of closed biospheres outside the planet; it was called “SpaceColonization”.

8 crew members between medical doctors and researchers, from September 26, 1991 to September 26, 1993, stayed inside of Biosphere 2 during these 2 years, proving that it was ableto survive, and also live inside this “artificial” web of ecosystems. During the 1st year, the crew showed continual hunger, while in the second year; the atmosphere of Biosphere 2 produced more than aton needed for surviving, during this time, the health of all the crew was excellent. After this, they improved the same health levels gained inside Biosphere 2.

Now our days, B2 belong to theUniversity of Arizona since June 27, 2011.
Many people worldwide has complain that the project of $200 million dollars is inefficient, and that have show no interest in the actual living life, but thetruth is that they work without giving any information about what they do. Now our days, the members of B2 have focused on the environmental change and the preservation of species in the planet,...
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