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The aim of this report is to relate philosophy with music. To solve this we are going to define both concepts; philosophy is ways of thinking about certain sorts of questions that analyze at clarifyconcepts. They often examine beliefs that most of us take for granted most of the time. We can say that’s an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through theelements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. After clarifying these concepts, we proceed to say that we will not take the music in an objective and etymological sense, but we will analyze it for adeeper and dismantled form. Finally, we clarify that to consider this art from the philosophical point of view demands a wide study of each and one of its points.

We can start saying that we value artif it gives us pleasure. But this entangles one problem: connecting pleasure with art fails to pick out anything specific about art. Another objection to the pleasure is that even if art can givepleasure, its not clear that it always does this, or that where it does give pleasure this its main purpose. The pleasure test can really account for the value of art over non-art, or that some art hasmore value than other art.

To begin with, music produces in each person different feelings. Its not a simple relation between tones, paces and other musical tools to this we have to add thesentimental side. There is a relative between music and the expressions that the authors wants to transmit. Musical tools are use to express each feeling forming a specie of musical language. From here we canrelate music with philosophy. People interprets music in different ways, so we can’t say which one is better, we have to take in count all. There are infinity examples of songs like this forexample;
Every day I wake up
I hope I'm dreaming
I can't believe this shit
Cant believe you ain't here
Sometimes it's just hard for a nigga to wake up
Its hard to...
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