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"Requiem for a dream" a reality for many

The dramatic film "Requiem for a Dream" directed by Darren Aronofsky, is based on a
book with the same name by Hubert Selby, which shows a very clearreality
which covers drugs, and money T.V. The film begins in the summer of 2000 in
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY, and deals with the lives of 4 characters. Beginning of
Sarah Goldfarb (Ellen Burtyn),who wants to participate in a reality show, and for this
want to lose weight by taking a series medicated pills to control appetite, after
Sarah time "on medication" the dose needed and finallymad. His only son,
Harry (Jared Leto) wants to help with the problem of addiction to these drugs, but
Harry, his girlfriend Marion (Jennifer Connelly) and his best friend Tyrone (Marlon Wayans) areaddicted to drugs, especially heroin, cocaine and marijuana. Harry and Tyrone begin
selling belongings to get money and then buy drugs. After a while
Harry Tyrone proposes to save to buy more thannecessary, and to start to sell
this one, Harry accepts the deal and start selling drugs all over Brooklyn, NY In turn
not only help the two of them financially, but also help to Marion, to save
becauseit is fashion designer and wants to open a boutique. We spent the autumn, and much
have changed, the economy is getting worse for these characters and the only option that is
divide. Sarah is leftalone at home all fall trying to control your anxiety
to food, but to solve the anxiety medication taken every possible non-
only as anxiety, appetite control and in turn lose weight. Harry andMarion began to fight for several factors that lead to many others, the lack of
money because of the sale of drugs makes almost did not have a home, food,
drug (almost as important) and Marion can notcontinue to expand its
fashion business. Harry and Tyrone decide to solve this problem had to
a journey to buy and sell drugs of higher quality (cave clarify that for this
season are more heroin...
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