Blue valentine: a film review

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance, 2010
*Love... For real?
'Once upon a time I was falling in love... And now I'm only falling apart.'
-Total Eclipse of the heart, Bonnie Tyler.

I had to get a chocolate milkshake right after 'Blue valentine' finished. I'm serious. I needed something that would make me happy physiologically so I could walk out ofthat deep and awful feeling the film had takenme to; I could feel my guts wrench in helplessness. Thank God the milkshake (Plus the company of a good friend) helped me to move on.
Struggling to feel a little bit more like my usual self again, I was trying to put two and two together, somehow, to figure out what had touched me so deeply. It was not a regular sorrow, the kind that could be healthy at some point, that you share with the rest ofthe careless crowd by sitting alone in a dark cinema, weeping in silence, enjoying what I would call a comfortable 'public solitude'. No. It was the kind of sorrow that would kick you down and wouldn’t let you stand back on your feet again.
If you have recently lost love, if you are in love or falling out of it... DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM. It's a warning that everybody should be given to, the sameway tobacco advertisers do with the emaciated face of a smoker on the cover of a cigarette pack... Only that this warning should have the picture of a broken heart on it.
'Blue valentine' tells the story of a couple (Cindy - Michelle Williams and Dean - Ryan Gossling) that falls in-out of love. The movie blew my mind away: not only are the actor and actress outstanding performers but the way ofalternating the best and worst moments of a relationship, so realistically, made, without a doubt, a big impression on me. 

The tedious daily give and take, the arguing, the lack of affection and mutual respect, the constant criticism, the absence of sexual attraction, the humiliation, the meaningless comments that lead to meaningful arguments, the irritability that turns up out of the blue,laziness, lack of aspirations, work excess, worn out commitment, a different dad daughter: All of this sums up to the out-of-love stage of the couple (which is also the present time on the film), described in washed-up colors and using breathing-tired camera movements which resembles the worn-out breathing of the relationship.
The humor, the growing trust, the novelty, the unconditional support,the flirting, the hidden talents, the un-shared secrets, the high sexual appetite, the beauty and the youth are included during the In-love stage, the past tense of Dean and Cindy's relationship, shown to us through bright colors and easy-going camera, making us think of a beautiful past that can no longer be brought to life again.
I believe in the popular saying (and the religious point of view)that justifies the need of 'good and evil'. There is a definite balance required in the world so it can function in a better way. It is a constant battle, also needed to take place inside ourselves. This applies to films as well. I usually declare myself a big fan of romantic comedies, which only show the first stage: Falling in love. Love breaks down walls: Political, social, prejudices, and soon. 'Blue valentine' left me in doubt: Is everything that comes after falling in love similar to the 'present time' of the relationship we witnessed in the film? Do the every-day life and the other person’s flaws devour the last drop of affection, left in us, at a slow pace? Is THAT the fate that has been given to us fools, who desperately want to fall in love someday?
(Hand me another milk-shake,please)
Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance, 2010
*Amor... ¿Real?
'Once upon a time I was falling in love... And now I'm only falling apart.' (Hace un tiempo estaba enamorándome... Ahora estoy volviéndome pedazos)
-Total Eclipse of the heart, Bonnie Tyler.

Tuve que tomarme una malteada de chocolate después de ver 'Blue valentine' el viernes. No es broma. Necesitaba algo que químicamente me...
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