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Installation, Operation and Maintenance instructions for MCM178SERIES PUMPS

Tableof Contents
lntroduction Instructions General PARTI
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Interchangeability Location Foundation Coupling Alignment Piping(General) Piping(Suction)Piping(Discharge)

lmpellerAdjustmentWith The Casing On The Pump Packing The Pump Excessive PackingLeakageand Rapid PackingWear Installing Water Flush System To Be Compatible With Oil Companies Bearing Failures

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For Preparation Operation

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Miscellaneous Information

lnitialLubrication CheckPumpRotation Priming The Pump packing Start-Up ChecklistSuction Velocity Line (NPSH) NetPositive Suction Head Capacity Limits Pumps of Rig Capacity Requirements of Equipment LongTermPump& Motor Storage

PART lll
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Maximum Operating Conditions Pump Records Bearing Lubrication Packing Lubrication

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Disassembly Inspection Assembly lmpeller Adjustment With The Casing OffThePump

PageI MCM 178Maintenance

for This manualcontainsinstructions the of operatiorlinstaltation, an{ maintenance As PumP the MCM 178 Serles'PumP. vary and specifications serviceconditions this in considerably pump installation, manual cannot possiblY cover every but situation, it is hopedthat the information included will serve as a guide. Should problems occur, questions arise,. start-up or theMCM that it is suggested you contact in or PumpDistributor Salesman yourarea. of miihy principles properpump Thereare as and installation application wellas special Series design for considerations the 178 enhancethe will which,if followed, furth'er performance your 178Seriespump. of will This document deal with both general for recommendations improved and specific in 178Serlerperformance bothoilfieldand applications. industrial 1. Operate the PumP only in the performance range for which it was designed. 2, The pumpdrivermust drivethe pump when viewed from the GLOCKWISE will the Reversing rotation end. coupling prevent the PumP from oPerating effectively. 3. Do not oPeratethe PumP with the closed' valves or suction discharge 4. Adjust the packingso that a small amount of leakageremains for and lubrication cooling. mud,prevent in 5. When operating drilling the from clogging drip packing drippage the slinger around area and hardening andfrontseal.

interchangedwithout changing eiibting piping, or couplings, bases. nearthe liquid be The pumpshould located line can be short soLrceso that the suction and direct. The pump should be located the belowthe levelof the liquidtoeliminate of priming. necessity Foundation rigid shouldbe sufficiently The foundation and to and substantial absorbany vibration support the base plate at all points. A concrete foundation,poured on a solid the to thickness support of footing adequate pumping the unit,provides mostsatisfactory foundation.The base plate should be position. in installed a level Note: A detaileddescriptionof properprocedures grouting base platesmay for be found in the Hydraulic Institute Pages116,117. 13th Standards, Edition, skid bases or fabricated When fabricated be should the are bases utilized, foundation rigid and level to absorb any sufficiently the and vibration support baseat all points.


Instructions General

Alignment Coupling

178Series horizontalcentrifugalpump are dimensions thesame envelope outside older 1 7/8 inch PumPsof the same as nominal size so the models can be

PART I lnstallation Interchangeability

Good servicelife of the pump and driver the through upongood alignment depends lf flexiblecoupling. the electricmotorwas the at mounted the factory, pumpand motor when shipped.The were in alignment alignmentbetweenthe pump and driver should be inspectedafter...
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