Book of enoch

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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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The Book of Enoch
Original translation by R. H. Charles in 1906
(with our LORD’S Scriptural references notated by jpw)

If you do not know who Enoch was, you will find his story in Genesis 5:21 – 24.
Enoch was born while Adam and Eve were still alive: being the
great-grandfather of Noah, he lived while all of mankind was of “one speech.”
It is a very short story (in Genesis); but Enochwas oh, so important to God.
You see . . . Enoch is the only person who was born, but never died!

Remember . . . what you are about to read predates EVERYTHING found in the New Testament and the Qur’an. Everything you are about to read predates Jesus’ time on earth and predates the Book of Revelation. This has been proved, to every person’s satisfaction, when a copy was found amongst the DeadSea Scrolls.

If any truth, found upon this earth, leads only to the Glory of God; it cannot be of Satan. (See Matthew 12:25 - 26) Let Christ’s Wisdom (in Matthew) be your deciding factor: regarding the place you allow this Scripture in your life. If you do not allow this Scripture into your life, that is fine; but please do accept (meaning “obey”) whatever Scripture you call your own.(Perhaps your Scripture might be Allah’s Qur’an): “And mention in the Book Idris (Enoch). Verily he was a man of truth, (and) a Prophet.  And we raised him to a high place.”
(  سورة مريم  , Maryam, Chapter #19, Verse #56/57.) (Blue portions are Internet links.)
Why did Allah include these words in His Book? Because He is sending us a message: He is telling us to “listen” to Enoch, as Enochspoke the truth.


To all Muslims . . . the Bible truly is a Word from God. Do not just say your Qur’an teaches this. Learn the Bible! Your Muslim clerics teach that the Bible was corrupted (about 300 years after Jesus died) and that you should now ignore the entire Bible. Gabriel taught Muhammad theopposite! Gabriel speaking:
The Qur’an 28:49 Muhammad, say to them, “Bring a Scripture, delivered by God, that gives better guidance than these two books and surely, I will follow it!”
(“These two books” meaning . . . the Bible and the Qur’an! Gabriel taught Muhammad that the Bible is not corrupt and verified this truth again just three verses later, 28:52). And Gabriel did thismore than 600 years after Jesus died! Truly, Muslims today are free to listen to their clerics’ vanities and desires; Muslims are also free to listen to (and obey) the words Allah delivered to this world, through Muhammad. On Judgment day, we shall all be questioned regarding our “vanities and desires.”)

Could it be? Could it be that Allah (God) has revealed these words of Idris(Enoch), in these last days, so as to prove for all Muslims, that His Bible stands UNCORRUPTED today? The book of Revelation (found in the Bible) warns all Muslims that they will send gifts, one to another, after they have killed their last prophet. But no Muslim, today, believes this Truth of God because they have been taught (from childhood) that the Bible is corrupt. Idris (Enoch) proves that thisMuslim “desire” is wrong. Very wrong! (More on this below.)

To all Muslims . . . learning the Bible will make you a better Muslim and will teach you much regarding parts of the Qur’an which you think you understand, but do not. When you choose to do this, you should use a Bible that introduces each book with a commentary that teaches “who” God was speaking to (in that book) and “why” Godsent that book down.

To all Christians . . . the Qur’an truly is a Word from God. A Christian is telling you this! God states that one reason His Qur’an was sent down was to teach Jews and Christians what they fail to understand in His earlier, but still, “perfect” Scriptures. If you desire to research any references to God’s Qur’an here, please use the translation provided by M.A.S. Abdel...