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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2010
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Say you´re one of them.
Es un reporte de un libro bastante fuerte, es que obviamente representa situaciones que las personas de Africa viven dia a dia, lo lei como parte de un trabajo que me dejaronel semestre pasado, era mi calificacion.

The end of this book, talked about the same, Africa and the bad life that almost every child have. This part called “My Parents Bedroom” started sayingthat one family had their kids inside a room. They had been in there for almost 2 days when their Mom arrived and she told to his daughter Monique, who had nine years old, that she and her dad would notbe at home, so no one got to open the door. Monique had to take care of her little brother until somebody took them out.

That night Monique and Jean, her little brother, ate rice and they went tosleep. Monique dreamed her uncle was yelling at her, and when she woke up, she realized that it wasn’t a dream because her uncle was outside. Monique opened the door and she saw a lot of people whowere looking for her parents. When everybody went out, Monique parents arrived and they were so weird that no one said any word.
Next day, Monique heard her parents said that their kids had to keepalive and they were crying so Monique asked them if she was going to die and they said no, but remembers, we loved you and your brother. Later that day, Monique and Jean were together while their parentswere talking, Mom wanted to live house, so she went with her kids; she hugged, kissed and said that she will always love them. Dad was crying and when Mom was going out a little kid appeared withblood in all her body, so Mom and Dad took and put her inside the ceiling with more people, so Monique understood that her parents were keeping people in their ceiling and for that reason the bad peoplewere looking for them.
Minutes later that bad people arrived and they gave Dad a big knife and they told him that he got to killed his wife just as everyone who had a traitor in their family did....