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“The Catcher in the Rye”
In The Catcher in the Rye, the protagonist of the book, Holden Caulfield, interacts with many different people. Some of these characters are his friends at PenceyPrep like Stradlater and Robert Ackley and there are also other people like his sister Phoebe and his ex-girlfriend Sally Hayes. Whenever he is around these characters his personality shifts and hisbehavior changes in all three cases. Depending on who he is with, he tries to portray a variety of traits and acts completely different but there is also a common trait that is recurring. For example,when he is with the boys from Pencey Prep he is very cool, mature and nonchalant, when he is with Phoebe he also tries to act mature, protective and tries to be a good role model but when he is withSally he tries to be seductive, mature and romantic. In all three of these cases we see that he always tries to be mature.
While Holden is at Pencey Prep, he acts differently when he is aroundhis roommate, Stradlater, and the boy that lives next door to him, Robert Ackley. Whenever he is with Stradlater he tries to act cool and mature and as a result provokes his roommate until they bothbreak out into fistfights. For example Stradlater tells Holden to shut up and Holden replies, “ Why should I?” this shows that he is not listening to him and does not care what he says. He goes aroundlike he is a big tough guy and pretends like nothing is wrong but then he is different when he is with Ackley. Even though he does not consider Ackley to be one of his close friends when he is withStradlater, in the end Holden always ends up turning to him for help because he does not have anybody else to go to. When he is with Ackley he can tell him anything and is very relaxed but when Stardlateris around he feels he has to portray this image of being tough.
When Holden is with Phoebe his behavior completely changes. Whenever he is around her, he is very protective over her and...
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