Boy as n r

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1. BOY AS -N - R (Voy a cenar)
I'm gonna have dinner
2. N - L - C - JOHN (En el sillón)
On the armchair
3. BE A HOPE AND SON (Viejo panzón)
Fat old man
4. THIS - S - POOR AS STUNT AIR- E - US (Dices puras tonterías)
You're saying dumb things
5. S - TOY TREE STONE (Estoy tristón)
I'm kinda sad
6. LOST TRAP EAT TOSS (Los trapitos)
The little rags
7. A KEY EYE POORAGREE JUG (Aquí hay pura grilla)
There's only politics around here
8. DESK CAN SAW (Descansa)
(You) rest
9. AS SAY TOON AS (Aceitunas)
10. CELL EYE JUG, ONE A WHAT TOE (Celaya,Guanajuato)
Celaya, Guanajuato (a city in central Mexico)
11. BE A HAS - R - WHEN THERE US (Viejas argüenderas)
Arguing old hags
12. COME AT A LOSS UGH WACK CAT TESS (Cómete los aguacates)
Eatthe avocadoes
13. THE HEAD THE STAR MALL LESS STAN DOE (Deje de estar molestando)
Stop bugging me
14. KIT AT TELL LOSS WAR AT CHESS (Quítate los huaraches)
Take off your sandals
15. BALLADD THE PAY JAZZ SAD US (Bola de payasadas)
Silly stuff
16. TABOO - N - O ('ta bueno)
It's OK
17. A KEY'S TATOO ONE C'M ON EIGHT (Aquí está tu Juan Camaney)
Your "macho" lover is here18. PASS A LASS SHELL ASS (Pasa las chelas)
Pass the beer
19. S - TOY SO LAP ASS (Estoy solapas)
I'm alone
20. PASS A LASS ALL SAW (Pasa la salsa)
Pass the sauce
21. COME - S - LOSSTACK EAT TOSS (Comes los taquitos)
You eat the little tacos
22. EYE HALL IS CONE - O - TEAR A HESS (Ay Jalisco no te rajes)
Jalisco don't surrender (famous mexican saying)
23. KIT AT TELL LOSSCAN - L - LOSS (Quítate los canelos)
Take off your panties
24. L - GATT - E - TOW (El gatito)
The kitten
25. WELL - S - A SOAP - O (Hueles a sopo)
You smell like sweat
26. A PEST ASSALL COLE (Apestas a alcohol)
You stink like alcohol
27. TELL - O - LAB AS (Te lo lavas)
Wash it (as in your ass)
28. TEN GO SAP AT TOSS EAT TALL - E - AN OZ (Tengo zapatos italianos)
I have...
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