Brazilian executives

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1.Brazilian Executives

Brazil was first had their Europeans in 1500 and was colonized by Portugal.  In 1822, Brazil in a peaceful manner declared independence by Dom Pedro.  In 1824 Brazilcreated its first constitution, which would become Americas’ only constitutional monarchy.  Due to the vast territory, Brazil as an empire centralized the power to its emperor acting as a moderatingpower mediating conflicts among the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial. The empire lasted until 1889, two years later a new constitution was established, whichestablished an elect president. The Great Depression of 1930 brought great changes as economy took downhill, workers demonstrated, communists came, and the political elite Getuilio Vargas came to power. Vargas created an authoritarian power that controlled are regional government by replacing the old with handpicked new governors. Vargas was forced to hold full democratic elections only to return topower through a democratic election and stayed in power until he took his own live in 1954.  Juscelino Kubitschek was the successor who took the economy to a new height.  The successor of Kubitschek, JoaoGoulart, who “helped send Brazil’s already high inflation rate three-figure levels, Goulart steered Brazil dramatically to the left” (Stove).

1964 brought a new phase in Brazil and startedthe Bureaucratic Authoritarianism, but it was until 1974 when the transition to democracy was gradually on the rise and the beginning of first civilian government.  Still the government was ruled bymilitary until finally Jose Sarney, a civilian, won an election in 1984.  Later in 1992 after the impeachment of Collor de Mello due to inflation and bribery, Itamar Franco became president. Cardosobrought inflation from 26% to 2.82 in 1994; thus paved the way to his presidency at the same year beating Lula da Silva, the popular left-wing labor leader, which Lula da Silva only to come back for...