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The Gotthard Base tunnel (GBT) DRAFT 1

The Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) is a railway tunnel under construction in Switzerland. It will be the longest tunnel in the world when the construction gotfinished. The Completion had been projected for 2015 but due to delays the tunnel was thought (in early 2007) not be completed before 2018, this project has been conceived to solve the problem ofheavy European road traffic on this major route through the Alps, is very important the perfection and to use the best people and technology. Build a project like this isn’t cheap at all, the Swisseconomy is among the world's most advanced and prosperous, that’s why they build this mega construction as well its important to know if its really safe to build a construction like this and what is thewhole idea to use an underground construction

The Swiss economy
Switzerland’s economy is based on a highly qualified labour force performing highly skilled work. The main areas includemicrotechnology, hitech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as banking and insurance know-how. The service sector now employs the greatest number of people.

Swiss Geography
The geography ofSwitzerland is notable for its great diversity. Switzerland’s three main geographical regions are the Jura, Plateau and the Alps.
The geography of Switzerland means that the climate varies greatly from oneregion to another. Depending on the area and the time of year, Switzerland experiences conditions reminiscent both of Siberia and of the Mediterranean.

Transit and Traffic
Switzerland stands on theroute linking northern and southern Europe, but the Alps made transit difficult until tunnels were built through them. The Gotthard railway tunnel, 15 km (9.3 miles) long, was built more than 100 yearsago. The Gotthard road tunnel, opened in 1980, was the longest in the world at 17 km (10.6 miles) until Norway's Laerdal tunnel (24.5 km/15 miles) opened in November 2000.
Switzerland's position...
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