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Introduction to Literature
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2Pac Lyrics Essay
In 1971 2pac was born in the suburbs of New York. This was not a good time to be born in you were anAfro-American with very little influence in the society. Since in 1976 was when the Declaration of Independence was approved, this rapper had a lot of courage for saying all the things that he said so earlyafter this event. In the lyrics by 2pac the speaker is indignant about the poverty of his race in American Society. We hear this indignation in his cynical tone of voice. The negative picture hepaints of his "brothers" and the lack of trust he has in white Americans.

The main theme is that people need to take a step back and change the way they live because it is destructive to theircommunity, to others, and to themselves.
The lyrics range from how young blacks have no problem selling crack cocaine even though they know it's wrong, to the prison system in America and its harsh treatmentof blacks, the number of black incarcerated. This is a good way to talk about because black people have suffered a lot of discrimination in the past just for one color of the skin. However, nowadaysthings have changed and even now UUEE has a black president.

The speaker of the lyrics could either be 2pac or a person that is speaking in first person about the lived event. 2pac being thespeaker seems more reasonable since he talks about “Huey” in part of the song. As the song facts says “The "Huey" referred to in this song is Huey P. Newton, the co-founder and leader of the Black PantherParty.” This could be interpreted as a coincidence, since the mother and father of 2Pac where active members of this party, or as a sign that 2Pac was the writer as the Wikipedia article says. Tupacsings this song because he is a black man living in an American society where this people were rejected. It is also extraordinary to compare how things have changed from those days to now, since now...