Buenos aires

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Buenos Aires

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience somewhere around the world, I recommend you visiting Buenos Aires, in Argentina. In Buenos Aires, you have everything you canimagine and it suits the needs of a teenager, a middle-age man and even older people.

When it comes to culture, Buenos Aires is very rich, you have lots of places to go, such as the Colontheatre, which is one of the most important cultural places in Argentina and one of the most important theatres in Latin America. You can also visit historical neighborhoods such as “La Boca”, here you canfind lots of cultural references, you can learn how houses where in Argentina back in the XIX century, here, you can also visit one of the most outstanding thing in Argentina’s culture, a soccerstadium. If you are interested in art history, you can visit the “Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes”, where you can see some of the Argentineans most famous artists’ works.

City Sights
For the ones whoare interested in the architecture, Buenos Aires was built in European Style, and has great sights, such us the obelisk, the Colon theatre, neighborhoods such as “La Boca” and lots of others.Transport
For those who don’t know, Buenos Aires is well known for its economic and easy transport system. In Buenos Aires, you can find buses that take you anywhere for a very cheap price, and also thesubway, which is faster but more restricted about where it goes.

Buenos Aires is not only known for its transport, but also, it is known for its nightlife, with lots of alternatives forthose who do not like going to discos, such as cinemas, restaurants, bars, among others. If you come to Buenos Aires, you can’t leave without visiting a night club. Among its most distinguished clubs youcan fin Caix, Pacha and Mint. There are also clubs for older people who do not want to dance with a teenager, such as Kubik. In Argentina, unlikely to other countries, night life extends up to late...
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