Bureau of drinking

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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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I always thought that what people drink is what defines them. People choose what to drink because they like it, but at the same time it says a lot about them. People do not notice this, so do a lotof other people, but you can always come across someone that does. That person could make up a complete story about the guy or girl whom he is studying, watching, analyzing, whatever word you want tochoose. At a restaurant, you could see people ordering a multiple amount of drinks. Water, different types of juice, cokes, sparkling water, beer, vodka tonic, wine, etc. When people order differentthings you can create a life scenario.
My twenty eight year old cousin invited my to a restaurant the other day. He ordered two beers, a glass of water, and lemonade (weird mix). He is currentlyliving in a small apartment with a roommate from another country. He has a Wii console and only two games; the one the Wii comes with and NFL. He likes to take risks by investing on a new business he isstarting. Cooks as a hobby and just finished his MBA. Loves to go out and enjoy life, but at the same time works hard and makes a living without help from his parents; not because they do not love him,but because he wants to try to live without help first.
At a fancy restaurant I sit with a couple (grandparents), my grandfather orders a Bordeaux Château Cheval Blanc aged thirty-nine years. He iswealthy seventy-five year old man who loves his wife, and has four daughters. He likes to enjoy himself and others around him, he was also a good student and athlete. Graduated from a good college,and started making money when he was young. He likes to live a classy but smart life, he likes to spend money on luxuries that he can afford. Loves to live life at its fullest, and makes sure thatpeople he loves get to do the same thing.
At a party, you see my only girl cousin that gets a glass of water; she is not drunk at all and wants to keep it that way. She is a nineteen-year-old freshman...
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