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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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Architect & Engineer Specification V-Station™ Fingerprint Reader
May 3, 2006

Bioscrypt Inc.

1. Introduction The intent of this document is to describe the specifications, operation, and physical attributes of the V-Station fingerprint reader, Model Number V-STATION, A, H, manufactured by Bioscrypt, Inc. The device specifications, installation specifications, and connections are provided indetail for system architects and engineers designing access control and other systems utilizing the V-Station reader. 2. Description The V-Station reader shall prov ide a 1:1 fingerprint verification utilizing an embedded numeric keypad that negates the need for external Wiegand input. The V-Station shall prevent unauthorized access via loaned, lost or stolen cards or PINs by requiring that thefingerprint of the person seeking entry match the identity of the cardholder. 3. Mechanical Specifications 3.1. Dimensions The V-Station reader shall measure 5.63” x 6.63” x 2.63” (142.9 x 168.3 x 66.7 mm) and shall arrive disassembled. The V-Station shall be comprised of: A. A wall plate that mounts directly to the wall or a triple-gang box mounted in the wall. B. The body that mounts to the wallplate. A 1:1 scale diagram of this wall plate with dimensions is provided in Figure 1: V-Station Wall Mounting Plate. 3.2. Material The V-Station reader shall be made of Polylac PA -765A, a high flow grade, flame retardant material to a UL94 V-0 standard. This material shall be used for the case body and the wall mounting plate and shall be an ABS plastic.
Document# 430-00141-03 © Copyright2004-2006, Bioscrypt Inc. All rights reserved.

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The “finger mask” that surrounds the fingerprint sensor itself shall be a carbon fiber conductive plastic. 3.3. Fingerprint Sensor The V-Station reader shall incorporate the Authentec, Inc. sensor model AFS2. The AF-S2 sensor shall be manufactured of silicon and shall be capacitivebased. The sensor surface area shall measure 24 x 24 x 3.5 mm.The sensor shall additionally incorporate Authentec’s TruePrint technology, which utilizes a patented radio frequency (RF) imaging technique that allows the sensor to generate an image of the shape of the live layer of skin that is buried beneath the surface of the finger. For more information on this imaging technology, please visit 3.4. Color The V-Station case shallhave a charcoal gray body (ABS Grey – Pantone 426C). Furthermore, the color used in the “bioscrypt” text shall be Pantone 423C. 3.5. Weight The V-Station shall weigh 1 pound, 6 ounces (packaged weight for shipping shall be 2 pounds, 6 ounces). 3.6. Mounting The wall mounting plate shall be designed to mount to a triple gang electrical box using 6 #6-32 screws in the oval holes. The shape of theholes shall provide for some adjustment to ensure the wall plate is mounted level. The V-Station may additionally be mounted onto a wall anchor, wood or sheet metal using #4 flat head screws (thread diameter of Enrollment Tips. This information is also available for download as a PDF file. The Ridge-Lock is designed as a guide to help the user to properly and consistently position their finger onthe sensor so as to fully capture the fingerprint core, the unique information-rich area of the fingerprint. When used properly during enrollment and authentication, the Ridge-Lock shall help to reduce false rejections. As the end user’s first point of contact with the reader, the Ridge-Lock is also designed as means of discharging ESD through the Earth Ground connection, which is manufactured usinga carbon fiber conductive plastic. This helps to protect the sensor from damage by ESD. This requires that the reader have a proper connection to Earth Ground. For more information on this connection please refer to Section 6.3: Grounding and Section 8.2: Eart h Ground.
Document# 430-00141-03 © Copyright 2004-2006, Bioscrypt Inc. All rights reserved.

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