Cambio de spark plugs

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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2011
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- Next, set the correct spark plug gap, this car calls for 0.043 thousands of an inch.

In this page we will illustrate how to replace the spark plugs in a 2002 Hyundai Accent GS equipped with a1.6 L DOHC engine.

This particular car has over 250,000 miles and it is using some engine oil, due to the oil comsumption, the spark plugs become fauled at earlier intervals, oil fauled spark plugsnormally cause engine misfire, that translates to hesitation during acceleration, if the problem is severe, the car will have a rough idle also due to engine misfire.

This car was experiencing ahesitation problem during acceleration, the check engine light was on and the engine trouble code found in the ECM indicated a cylinder misfire, the fuel injectors tested ok, we moved our attention tothe spark plugs, and we found two of them that had a light coat of baked engine oil, we replaced all four spark plugs and added a new set of spark plug wires, cleared the codes, took it for a test driveand the car was running like brand new again, take note that we didn't perform a complete tune-up on this car because it had one recently, if you want to know the parts involve in a complete tune-up,visit our page Tune-up.

It is recomended to unplug the negative battery cable before working on the vehicle, next remove the spark plug cover as shown in the picture, you will need a 10mmsocket, short extension and a ratched to remove the 3 bolts that secure the spark plug cover to the valve cover.

- Next, gently pull on the no. 1 spark plug wire, pull it all the way out and set itaside.
If you have access to compressed air, blow any dirt that may be trapped in the spark plug cavity off, if any dirt enters the cylinder when you remove the spark plug, it is possible for thisdirt particles to get trapped in between the valves and the cylinder head, causing the affected valve to lose its tight seal. This would create permanent engine damage causing a simple spark plug...