Can - cannot

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CAN+ I,YOU,HE,She,It,We,They
Can they jump?
Can he drive a bus?
Can you draw a tiger?
Short anwers:
No,I,You,He,She,It,We,They + can’t.

-is used to talk about ability
I can smell gas.
-is followed by an infinitive without ’to’:
She can sing.
NEGATIVEform :can’t or cannot (never written can not!)
My mother cannot sew.
He can’t play hockey.
Shecan ride a bike.
We can see a few stars in the sky.
I can see him.
They can play chess.

1. Look at the pictures and then match the pairs.a) Jamie can’t drive a car.
b)Mark and Paul can play volleyball.
c) Little bird can’t fly.d) Toto can play chess.
e) Nancy can draw clouds.f) Steve can read and write.g) Greg can rollerskate.

2. Look and write the answers into the bubbles.


Can /swim/Jacknot / can / I /touch

Play I /can /tennis Kate /swing /can
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