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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2012
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Some of the reasons why we cannot drive across Bogota, it’s the terrific traffic around 6:00 pm, because everybody want to go back home and no oneis paying attention about what’s going on at the main avenues in the city.

The major problem is stress. Some people think that honk the horn moves the other cars, but it just makes more noiseand finally nobody can move. Also, you have to keep in mind that everybody is hurry and you have to respect the spaces where you are at. For example, you know you cannot park if you’re passing bythe Boyaca Avenue or Ciudad de Cali Avenue, they’re always full and there are also some repairs on the road so you must be patient. Always be careful with pedestrians, sometimes because of yourstress you forget those people and you can hit a car or lose the control and break the rules.

If you have one, maybe you can use more your bike! Some people usually use it to go to work withoutspend too much money. It’s about to be more ecological and of course, reduce the cost of gasoline. This method can be useful for you if your job is not too far from home. Also you can walk, or rent a“Taxi-Bike”. An original “car” created here in Colombia that cost the same as take a bus, it doesn’t use gas, and it’s also efficient.

Buses could be an excellent way to solve some traffictroubles. If you already know a bus goes from your work to your home, you should take it. I don’t recommend Transmilenio at all. It’s always full, more expensive and you’re not too much safe because ofthe same quantity of people inside. If everybody works together, we can reduce contamination and learn that you can use your car, but you have to know when and where, to avoid the chaos.

Atleast, don’t forget. You can stay at home if it’s not necessary to go out and do what you have to in another moment. Be patient, respect the rules and look for alternative ways to go through the...
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