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is a discipline that deals with ways to get from one place to another. Parkour is non competitive. Originating in France, its main purpose is to traverse mainly urban landscapes by running,climbing and jumping. Participants move along a route, attempting to navigate obstacles in the most efficient way possible, using only their bodies. Skills such as vaulting, rolling, swinging and wallscaling are employed. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles are preferable.

In practice, several different names interchangeably for parkour, including "freerunning" or"l'art du déplacement", even though these terms refer to distinct subsets of the discipline or may be considered distinct form the discipline. While parkour and l'art du déplacement aim to enable thepractitioner to move quickly and creatively past obstacles, freerunning includes the use of tricking moves such as aerial rotations and spins


There is no equipment required,although practitioners normally train wearing light casual clothing

Light upper body garment—such as T-shirt, sleeveless shirt or crop top if anything is worn on the upper body.
Light lowerbody garment—usually sweatpants, some wear tracksuit bottoms or light shorts.

Comfortable running shoes, that are generally light, with good grip, and flexibility are encouraged. Many traceurs thinkcheaper and easier to replace shoes are much more practical.[citation needed] More experienced traceurs with stronger feet tend to train barefoot, which is the best way to feel the environment. Varioussport shoes manufacturers around the world started offering parkour-specific products. Some traceurs use sweat-bands for forearm protection.[citation needed] Some use thin athletic gloves to protectthe hands those who do not, preferring to "feel their environment" directly, develop thick callouses.

Since parkour is closely related to "méthode naturelle", practitioners sometimes train...
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